Latest Epidemic Outbreaks

Thailand – A fifth tourist has died in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in circumstances eerily similar to New Zealander Sarah Carter’s mysterious death – which health officials initially blamed on food poisoning. American Mariam Soraya Vorster, a 33-year-old from Seattle working as a guide in Chiang Mai, died on January 11 – just over three weeks before 23-year-old Sarah died. Ms Vorster’s husband Tony Pandolo told the Herald his wife was perfectly fit and healthy and became sick with symptoms of food poisoning before she died. “I kept asking about the health department, or what the next steps would be with the restaurant,” Mr Pandolo said. “No one really seemed to know, and it turns out no one really did anything. “Soraya had an autopsy at University Hospital in Chiang Mai on January 12 or 13 and we still have no results.” Ms Vorster’s death is one of five in a six-week spell in Chiang Mai. Local woman Waraporn Pungmahisiranon died two days before Sarah and British pensioners George and Eileen Everitt died less than two weeks later. Those deaths were all in the same hotel – the Downtown Inn. Mr Pandolo said his wife was staying in a different hotel, but the symptoms were the same.

Indonesia – The Indonesia Ministry of Health’s Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research Center Laboratory has confirmed a positive bird flu H5N1 case. The victim is a 2 year old boy, a resident of Depok, West Java province. The child started to feel unwell on 4 Feb 2011 with signs of fever and with rashes on hand, mouth, and feet. He was then attended by a private practitioner, and later referred to a private hospital in Depok where he died. Risk factors: a neighbor is rearing ornamental birds. Also, a bird’s death was reported within 2 weeks (before the onset of illness). A Disease Control and Environmental Health team with Health Service have been dispatched for controlling the situation. The case has been reported to WHO by the Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health as the focal point of International Health Regulation.

Malaysia – Almost 2,800 people have been quarantined at a police training centre in the capital Kuala Lumpur after a trainee died from an influenza-like illness, officials said Friday. The training facility was sealed off soon after a 25-year-old police cadet died Tuesday from viral infection. Health ministry officials have been monitoring the nearly 2,000 trainees and 850 staff workers for flu-like symptoms. That 31 cadets were currently being treated at a nearby hospital. All the patients were reported to be in stable condition. “About 412 trainees who had been in direct contact with those affected by the adenovirus had been isolated in a separate area,” the centre’s commander Zulkifli Mohamed was quoted as saying by the report. He said the training facility would only be reopened after a clearance by the health ministry. Adenovirus victims experience influenza-like symptoms ranging from mild respiratory infections to pneumonia. Infections occur through direct contact or transfer of bodily fluids.


Is it just “Nature’s Way”, or something more? Epidemic outbreaks of plagues, pestilence, illnesses are on the rise. Not all are reported in the news.

Revelation 16:8, 9 “The Fourth Bowl
The fourth poured out his bowl on the sun. He was given the power to burn people with fire, and people were burned by the intense heat. So they blasphemed the name of God who had the power over these plagues, and they did not repent and give Him glory.”

These things will continue as the Tribulation carries on leading to Armageddon and the vindication of Yahweh’s holy name and establishment of Christ’s Kingdom.