Japan tsunami: Thousands of seabirds killed near Hawaii

Thousands of albatrosses and other endangered species at a wildlife sanctuary north-west of Hawaii have been killed by the tsunami which devastated Japan, US officials say.

Thousands of petrels and fish were also killed as huge waves swept over parts of the remote, low-lying Midway atoll.

The sanctuary is home to more than two million birds.

One lucky survivor was Wisdom, an albatross about 60 years of age, who is the oldest-known bird in the US.

The Laysan albatross came to prominence recently when she was spotted with a chick, astounding scientists that she could still raise offspring at age 60-plus.

Midway is one of the most remote coral atolls on earth, developed as a wildlife sanctuary after the US Naval Air facility on Midway Island closed in 1993.

Midway was a key military base for the US during World War II, as well as during the Korean, Cold and Vietnam wars.

Rescue operation

The US Fish and Wildlife Service reported that 1,000 adult and adolescent Laysan albatross died when the tsunami generated by last Friday’s powerful earthquake off the coast of Japan struck Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge.

Tens of thousands of chicks were also killed.


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