Tsunami Reaches West Coast in the US Causing Millions in Damages

Oceanic waves caused by a major 8.9-magnitude earthquake in the northeast coast of Japan hit the western coast of the United States on Friday including California and Oregon. Associated Press reports that 6-8 foot waves flooded beaches in California and the pacific northwest causing millions in damages to harbors, destroying boats and docks in marinas and prompting the evacuation of residents near the shoreline.

Five people who were watching the waves were swept out to sea in Oregon, however one man who was taking pictures in the northwest coast of California is still missing and is presumed dead after rescue helicopters halted at search and rescue mission after seven hours flying over frigid waters.

In California, large waves wreaked havoc on docks causing millions of dollars in damages to boats, reports AP. Spokesman for the sheriff in Del Norte County stated upwards of 35 vessels were colliding as massive waves crashed boats together causing them to sink.

Our Mother brings the disasters against mankind as punishment, but Satan and his demons try to thwart earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and all else that brings his empire that much closer to destruction. This is why the demons fight with the holy angels. Satan knows it would be suicide on his part to encourage evil acts even though he is guilty of starting the war, and because of that, he is held responsible for all that occurs even though he fights to hold things together and tries to maintain peace. Satan wants his empire to flourish, but Mother does not, because it is not part of Her Way, and Satan is not Her anointed King.

Yahweh does not rejoice over bringing disasters. Instead, She is long suffering in having to met out punishment in order to bring Her creation back into harmony. Mother does not want anyone to lose their hope of eternal life, and has deep concern for those that are not only poor in lack of wealth, but also in lack of the true treasure She has stored up in Heaven for Her faithful ones.