Shooting and injuries before Saudi day of protest

(Reuters) – Saudi police fired in the air to disperse protesting Shi’ites and three people were injured on the eve of a day of protests called for Friday by activists using the Internet.

Protests were planned in other Gulf countries such as Yemen, Kuwait and Bahrain. The time after Friday prayers has proved to be crucial in popular uprisings that have brought down Tunisian and Egyptian rulers who once seemed invulnerable.

On Thursday, shots were heard near a protest by about 200 Shi’ites in the town of Qatif in Eastern Province, home to some of the world’s largest oil fields and a large Shi’ite minority.

The clampdown was a sign that the Saudi government was serious about enforcing a ban on the protests called by Internet activists emboldened by demonstrations that toppled the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia before spreading to the Gulf.

“There was firing, it was sporadic,” one witness said, adding that the sound of gunfire was interspersed with the noise from stun grenades.


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