Riots Erupt in Cairo After Church is Burned

Although the Coptic Church in Egypt has suffered varying degrees of persecution for centuries, events in the past few months appear to indicate that the plight of the Christian minority is growing worse as Islamic extremism is on the rise in a nation torn by revolution. While the protests that overthrew the Mubarak regime were given worldwide attention, the violence that is being perpetrated against Christians in the aftermath of these recent events is not receiving a similar level of concern.

The most recent clash between Christians and Muslims came in the aftermath of Muslims burning a church in the village of Soul; fighting erupted in the suburbs of Cairo, resulting in 11 dead and 140 wounded. Muslims allegedly burned the church because of a relationship between a Coptic man and a Muslim woman; when Christians attempted to peacefully protest the burning of a church, they were set upon by a Muslim mob.


Father is both male and female. Her female side is that of a loving nurturing mother. So please open your minds to:

“The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon”

The woman originally represented Father’s female side. The child, that of Her first born, Michael. The dragon, the one that started the persecution of our Mother by turning against Her. Therefore, it is “The Mother of creation, the first born Michael, and Dawn Lucifer that became the Dragon in Father’s creation. From this foundation – “The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon” the Plan Father conceived follows in a pattern that reflects Her and Her first born. If you understand that Michael was again born of flesh and suffered persecution by the Dragon, and that as the pattern continues, the birth of Christ Jesus’ faithful follow in the same footstep pattern of being persecuted, then you will come to understand just how intricately entwined the Word is.