Billions of dead fish invade Redondo’s King Harbor Marina

Billions of dead sardines are blanketing the sea bottom and floating on the surface of the water this morning at King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, and officials are trying to figure out what happened.

Fire, police and public works officials are on the scene, at this point working to remove the fish – first thought to be anchovies – as quickly as possible.

“We need to get rid of them,” said Sgt. Phil Keenan of the Redondo Beach Police Department. “This is going to create a terrible pollution and public health issue if we don’t.”

The cause is so far a mystery, but the fish may have died due

to lack of oxygen, Keenan said. They are clustered around the north side of the harbor, the majority in Basins 1 and 2.

Peter Wallerstein of Marine Animal Rescue said his best guess is that perhaps the high winds last night forced the fish into a small area, where they ran out of oxygen.

“I’m sure we’ll see an increase of sea lions and seals in the Redondo Harbor,” he said.


Every living thing in the seas continue to slowly die. Mankind cannot deter that fact, nor can they clean up the seas of the billions upon billions of dead sea life that will eventually stagnate the life-sustaining waters of this once beautiful gem formed and nurtured to life by our Mother Yahweh and Her Son Christ Jesus – the former Michael.