UFO over Siberia witnessed by thousands



The first rapture will not occur all at once. It will begin over a time frame that permits extraction of all those deserving of protection from what is coming in upon this planet.

Don’t be surprised to hear that an entire group of people are missing without a trace, or that people are starting to disappear around the globe without explanation.

Another reason balls of light are present all around the globe. The search for those marked for extraction continues.

For anyone that wants to serve Christ and Yahweh in TRUTH. Turn your attention to THEM and pray to your Mother Yahweh for safe-haven. The process has begun.

What is the process? Honing in on the one’s that will be first to leave here over a frame of time. When that’s completed, the LOZ (Lions of Zion) will step up the process until all are extracted and safely away from the earth.

Satan’s forces in both the spirit realm and on the material plane are without recourse to halt the LOZ. If the powerful governments on earth try to interfere, they will pay a heavy price, just like the Ashkelon’s already have.

“Baldness is …coming to Gaza.
Ashkelon will become silent,
a remnant of their valley.
How long will you gash yourself?”

People are wondering why the crafts do not make contact at present. Now they know. All contact must first come through this ministry as their spokesman. Later though, they will speak through their armament if the governments fail to wave the white flags.