Recent UFO Sightings – Space Shuttle Footage and Over Japan Airport

The following was filmed from the space shuttle and show UFOs releasing beams of light.

UFO’s at Haneda Airport in Japan, Mar 3, 2011

It has been said that there is a connection between UFOs and Lightening Storms but is there also connection between UFOs and Earthquakes?

Yes there is! It all ties in with the Spiritual War – the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness.

Present disruptions beneath the earth’s crust are being caused by pockets of battles that are raging between the LOZ and the Ashkelons. Until the LOZ wipes them out the disruptions will be ever present and on the increase. This is a revelation of the veil being slowly lifted as the ramifications of the spiritual war edge their way into the physical realm.

Job 9:13 “God does not hold back His anger; Rahab’s assistants cringe in fear beneath Him!”

2 Samuel 22:39 “I wipe them out and crush them, and they do not rise; they fall beneath my feet.”

2 Samuel 22:40 You have clothed me with strength for battle; You subdue my adversaries “beneath me.” The Ashkelons are our present adversaries children. They offer the largest threat to the rapture. The demons cannot offer any resistance to aid them. They know the LOZ will not stop until they are destroyed. Satan will try to use his child’s armament to halt the rapture when things turn back to the exterior of the earth’s atmosphere. There. the LOZ are also awaiting his pawn move for that coming battle.

What about the converts? Job 26:5 “The departed spirits tremble beneath the waters and [all] that inhabit them.”

The converts are starting to doubt Satan’s ability to win this spiritual war.