New NASA video shows LOZ following Discovery

On March 3rd, NASA released the videos made by the cameras attached to the left Solid Rocket Booster on STS-133 Discovery, which film the lift off and keep filming even when the rockets are jettisoned above the atmosphere and during their fall, until they hit the sea. Right after the re-entrance, the left camera of the rocket caught a discoid UFO flying below and very close. This video, recorded on February 24, 2011 could be the smoking gun proof ever seen in NASA videos, since the STS-75 “Tether Incident”.

View the Video HERE (Opens New Window)

Additional information on the Discovery Launch and Lions of Zion available HERE

This is why the LOZ announced beforehand that they would attend that launch and follow the craft. It was intended to spotlight this ministry so that people are aware that the LOZ is working in conjunction with us. A message of verification to the public.