Direct hit on arms dump outside Benghazi kills 27

Forces loyal to Colonel Moammar Gaddafi looked to be regaining control in parts of Libya after troops broke through rebel lines today in dawn attacks on opposition-held cities.

Rebels suffered a major setback in Benghazi after a massive arms and ammunition depot outside Benghazi was destroyed in a massive explosion.

Twenty seven people were killed after an area three times the size of a football pitch blew up, leaving a smoking crater.

Zawiya, the city closest to the Tripoli, came under attack from loyalist forces early this morning.

But rebel militias have claimed victory themselves in the city, which is 30 miles west of the capital, as well as in gun battles elsewhere.

It is unclear what caused the depot to explode, but suspicions have fallen on Gaddafi agents seeking to deny rebels arms and ammunition as they head towards the loyalist-held city of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast.

Rebel soldiers captured the key oil port of Ras Lanouf in the east of the country.


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