What’s distorting and twisting the planet’s magnetic field?

January 31, 2011 – The frenzied and disorganized spectral patterns we’ve seen in the planet’s magnetosphere continues today with this current snapshot of a cork-screw effect.





Shared with our Ministry August, 2010 by Commander Jaddai of the Cherubic Order:

Earth, just as it does that each time it strikes the Earth. It is also a WEAPON of Father’s. Why? Because Father is who? Mother Nature. And where does the lightening come from? From the LAW of electricity that Father had Michael institute within the scope of creation. However, “electricity” is an internal product of Father, so, though it is in use in creation and under Her Law, it nonetheless stems directly from Father. Does that make it an additional creation aside from Michael directly from Father? No, because like a human that has a heart or brain, the electricity is part of Father’s own makeup that is shared with creation.

Electricity and magnetism are close relatives. Magnetism exerts pull on an object, or it can push away an object if the poles are identical. Magnetic positive and negative electrical poles are attracted strongly to one another, while positive repels positive and negative repels negative. However, under that LAW comes another LAW on electrically charged particles.

These are LAWS of NATURE. They are LAWS that Father instituted within our reality. They are also reference points that permit someone to calculate things because the LAWS are dependable. Like Father, Her LAWS are dependable. Just as sweet and sour can be mixed together, they are not meant to become unified together. It is called dilution. To become diluted. To remain pure, one must seek to be what they were originally created to be.