A National ID Card For American Citizens – The Real ID Act Starts May 11

For a moment, imagine a future where you are not able to drive a car, get on a plane, get on a train, vote, enter a federal building, open a bank account or get a job without a national ID card. You don’t think that could ever happen in America? Well, you might want to brush up on the Real ID Act because it is going to go into effect on May 11, 2011 unless something is done to stop it.  When I first learned this, I was absolutely stunned.  After all, wasn’t the Real ID Act supposed to be “dead”?  A few years ago state legislatures across the nation were in an uproar over this law.  The Department of Homeland Security was forced to delay implementation of it several times.  But now it is back.  You see, this is what the federal government often does.  They will try to push something very unpopular through, and if they meet resistance they will “play dead” until the uproar has died down and then they will come right back and implement it anyway.  This is what is happening with the Real ID Act.

As of May 11, all driver’s licenses across the United States will be required to conform to federal national security standards.  In essence, our licenses are now going to be federalized.

Yes, this is really happening.


It is not the having of the Mark of the Beast that is a sin. Unless you deny Christ, no Sin is committed. Your “hand” is symbolic of pledging your allegiance to the image of the Beast. It’s all symbolic in reference to your Mind (your forehead) and your Actions (by your hand) – not whether you actually bear the Mark.

“had not worshiped the beast or his image, and ho had not accepted the mark on their foreheads or their hands”

For the Mark to be valid, you must be in agreement with the Beast’s policy against Christ; and you must PLEDGE by your HAND over your HEART that you accept him (the image) and not Christ as the savior of mankind.

It is not about a LITERAL MARK. It is about what they can try to force you to openly do before others. It is THEN that you make your stand for Christ like never before. But, this applies to those that were NOT Raptured the first time.

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