Chinese Scientists study UFO footage, video

UFO sightings in China by civilians are increasing at a rapid rate. There are literally dozens of sightings and video recordings of UFOs in the skies above China per day. The Chinese government is suspected by many within the People’s Republic of hiding detailed knowledge of alien visitation to Earth. As a possible prelude to conceding that Earth is being visited by aliens, the government is utilising scientists attached to local astronomical observatories in an attempt to educate the local populace on the issue. UFO researchers are on occasion dispatched to schools to assist children who might have had an alien encounter. The first video below is an example UFO footage that is being studied by Chinese scientists. The second video below shows well-known UFO personality Mr Sun Shilli on a visit to the school of some students who might have filmed an extraterrestrial craft. The third video comes from a UFO event that took place at the Nigbo Temple historical sight in China where multiple witnesses photographed and filmed a UFO as it hovered over the shrine.
“China has to receive a hard blow to keep them from taking over and becoming the sole ruler of this planet. They are so strong not only economically, but also militarily. Mainland China is going to be hardest hit in the beginning stages of the plagues because of the LOZ’s intentions to depopulate the effectiveness of the large military force that China maintains. All designed to even the odds when the battle of Armageddon begins. Dawn Lucifer Satan is looking at China for his throne replacement with the imminent fall of USA and still resisting the EU. ” Seraiah