China protest call smothered in police blanket

BEIJING/SHANGHAI — An online call for anti-government protests across China on Sunday instead brought an emphatic show of force by police determined to deter any buds of the kind of unrest that has shaken the Middle East.

Lines of police checked passers-by and warned away foreign photo journalists in downtown Beijing and Shanghai after a U.S.-based Chinese website spread calls for Chinese people to emulate the “Jasmine Revolution” sweeping the Middle East and stage gatherings in support of democratic change.

Officials from China’s ruling Communist Party have dismissed the idea that they could be hit by protests like those that have rippled across the Middle East.

But a rash of detentions and censorship of online discussion of the Middle East have shown that Beijing is deeply nervous about any signs of opposition to its one-party rule.


Yahweh considers every nation on this planet as traitors to His Throne. He has been bringing calamity to mankind for over 6,000 years trying to get them to turn to Him and away from Satan’s rule, but they are stubborn and full of false pride. Their bloody heritage to gain territory by robbing others of their land, and their flags of governmental sovereignty they wave in His skies serve as a reminder to Him that they are indeed traitorous to the One that gave them all the gift of life. And as He will soon reveal, He can and will take that gift back.

Psalm 59:5 “You, LORD God of Hosts, God of Israel, rise up to punish all the nations; do not show grace to any wicked traitors. Selah”

That’s every single nation on this planet, and every person that thinks in discord to the Truth.