Dolphin cold case: Investigators say cause of calve die-off may never be known

Was it the oil?

That’s the question of the day as the number of stillborn or dead young dolphin calves washing up on Gulf of Mexico shores continues to rise.

The research team called in to investigate the incident has a disconcerting answer: We might never know.

On Friday, five more dead baby bottlenose dolphins were found in Mississippi and Alabama, pushing to 67 the number of dolphin carcasses tallied since Jan. 1 on beaches from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. Of those, 35 are so young that they might be spontaneously aborted fetuses, making this “unusual mortality event” even more unusual, though not unprecedented.

But determining the cause of this, or any other, wave of dolphin deaths is a huge challenge.


Every living thing in the seas are slowly dying. Mankind cannot deter that fact, nor can they clean up the seas of the billions upon billions of dead sea life that will eventually stagnate the life-sustaining waters of this once beautiful gem formed and nurtured to life by our Mother and Her Son Christ Jesus – the former Michael.

Pestilence from the decaying dead sea life will eventually spread to all living on the earth. The beginning of the torment meted out will come in progressive stages as the chain reaction of those that depend on and feed upon life in the sea will be starved and begin to also perish, causing further desecration of this planet and bringing more calamity upon those survivors of mankind as Yahweh moves toward a climax of Satan’s present empire.