Shuttle Discovery Launch Is A Success

NASA successfully launched the space shuttle Discovery into orbit for its final flight.

Everything went as planned for NASA as it launched the Discovery from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. at approximately 4:53 pm eastern for its 39th and final mission. As of 5:02 pm Eastern, NASA said the astronauts were safely in orbit.

“Discovery making one last reach for the stars,” the NASA TV announcer said as the shuttle lifted off into space.

The mission’s crew, headed by Commander Steve Lindsey, will be delivering the permanent multipurpose module (PMM) and other specialized equipment to the International Space Station. The crew members will also carry and install critical components, make two space walks and bring a robot humanoid to space for the first time. It will spend 11 days in space.

Discovery’s final launch marks the beginning of the end of an era for space travel: the space shuttle. NASA launched its first shuttle craft in 1981 and has sent up 133 missions to date. The Discovery is the first of the last three shuttle crafts to finish up, the Atlantis and Endeavour will follow suit this year.


The LOZ attended the NASA launch today as they shadow the earth craft into Space. Launch at 5:02 is symbolic. “Beginning of the end…” also symbolic. I believe the LOZ were marking this as the final chapter of mankind’s incursion into Yahweh’s expanse. If the solar flare that is intended to kill the power of the space station and decay the ISS orbit to burn up upon reentry is due to occur in the 5th month, then that will also be encoded within the pics of this launch. It would be symbolic of Satan being kicked out of the heavens and brought down to the earth in a burst of fiery destruction to this planet in reflection of the Siberian event at his ousting and fall. I also see the cast of a buffalo. And all of you children know what happened to them. Just as the buffalo nearly became extinct, so to shall mankind. Meaning they are to be slaughtered in great numbers with only a remnant left.