Parents ‘kept three adopted children in metal cages, beat them and fed them pet food’ while they collected $1,500 a month

A married couple locked their three adopted children in cages and fed them dog food in an horrific regime of abuse, a court heard today.

The mother of the children allegedly tortured them with red hot irons, beat them until they were unconscious and even grabbed their genitals with pliers while her husband stood idly by.

And all the while, the couple were being paid $1,500 a month to ‘care’ for them.

Sonja Kluth, 57, is accused of attacking the two boys aged 15 and 11 and a girl aged nine with the buckle ends of belts and broom handles until they passed out.

She has admitted to police she had become a ‘monster’.

The case emerged just days after a father in Florida was charged with attempted murder for allegedly dousing his children with acid, and 24 hours after a hospital director from California was jailed for 248 years after he adopted a young boy specifically to be his sex slave.

In one incident, Kluth is alleged to have repeatedly smashed the eldest boy’s finger’s with a mallet and as he fled told him: ‘Get back up here…you know I need blood’.

Another time, the girl’s earring was ripped from her ear, and she was struck in the face with a telephone that broke a tooth, the court documents said.

The full extent of the alleged cruelty emerged after Kluth and her husband John, from rural Yukon, Oklahoma, were arrested on multiple child abuse charges.