UFO Sightings in 2011 on the Rise

2011 has started off as a banner year for UFO sightings. Performing an internet search for UFO sightings will yield an amazing assortment of choices. Moscow, Chicago, Cairo, Jerusalem and Utah – the internet is alive with excitement over these documented cases. The Cairo, Chicago, Utah and Moscow sightings are harder to explain away as fakes. For example, in Cairo, the light appears suddenly from mid air and quickly accelerates and disappears. This is exactly how many previous UFO reports have been described. Chicago had a UFO encounter in 2006 which was witnessed by many airport employees; once again it is in the spotlight for the same reason. The recent videos filmed by Chicago residents are impressive and will be difficult to dismiss as fakes or weather incidents.


Utah 2-14-2011

Chicago 2-18-2011

Cairo 1-30-2011