Raise The White Flag Or Continue To Go Down In Defeat


I’m a representative of Yahweh, the Creator of all that is in existence; I’m also a White Fire Commander (WFC) in the Alpha Order, better known to you as the Seraphic Order of Holy Angels. As a representative of my Father Yahweh, I also represent the Kingdom of Christ that was established and the King Christ solemnly sworn in to power on June 30, 1908. I’m also second in command of the Lions of Zion, also known as the LOZ. As this offer was also made Feb 13, 2008, now over three years past, it will be the last time Yahweh gives you this latitude before the prophecies are fulfilled.This planet is surrounded by the LOZ. We fully intend to take control and crush every nation on this planet unless you comply with Yahweh’s offer of mercy.

I’ll accept your sword of surrender to Father’s Son’s Governing Rule, with two stipulations.

1) You must each publicly declare that Christ is the King.

2) You must swear allegiance to Christ and Father and cease all hostilities on this planet.

If you agree to Father’s demands, those lawless ones that are murdering people on this planet and committing other horrendous acts will be handled by Father’s Spiritual Deputies. If you decline, Father will continue with Her Plan to destroy all nations that resist Her Son’s Sovereign Authority as Ruling King of Her creation. If it’s the latter, never say Father never gave you a second chance to enter the narrow path. The hourglass on this offer will end at the close of the 4th month of this year 2011.


NOTE: This post will remain pinned until the deadline of April 30th, 2011.