The sun shows a bit of flare: Stunning image shows explosion so powerful it may damage electrical grids on Earth

The largest solar flare in four years may cause spectacular Northern Lights displays over Britain

If your satnav suddenly sends you the wrong way, don’t blame your gadget’s irritating electronic voice, blame the Sun.

Our star has unleashed its most powerful explosion in four years – and as it slams into the Earth’s atmosphere it could play havoc with all sorts of electronics.

The X-class flare, one of three solar flares emitted this week, was accompanied by a huge cloud of charged gas.

As this hits Earth’s magnetic field in the coming hours, experts warn it could disrupt power grids, satnavs and mobile phone networks – as well as producing spectacular displays of solar lights.

The U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration said: ‘Ground-to-air, ship-to-shore, shortwave broadcast and amateur radio are vulnerable to disruption during geomagnetic storms.

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