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The Door Is Closing

October 29, 2011 Comments off

For the ministry of Yahweh and Christ, our Grand Creator and Loving Savior, comes the time in which one door closes while another door opens. Established in 2005 and under the guidance of Yahweh’s holy angels for the purpose of bringing Yahweh’s Light of Truth to Mankind in these End Times, we have now completed our work in the 10th month, ten representing Completion, of the year 2011.

The nourishment that has been freely and graciously given by our Creator for this final and pre-Armageddon generation can be found via the many links listed on our website homepage, Facebook Page and on each of our blogs. It remains as a guiding light for those who continue to seek Truth so that it might be found. It is all that will be available in these final days prior to the Rapture and then, Armageddon in which Yahweh’s elite holy angelic warriors, the Lions of Zion will invade, execute those of evil mankind that remain and remove all traces of Dawn Lucifer Satan the Devil’s evil imprint upon this world.

For many, the door to deliverance, salvation and eternal life is closing and there will be no other door that then opens for them. May Yahweh and Christ lead you to Truth and may that Truth set you free. In the name of Christ Jesus our loving Savior and vindicator of righteous rule we pray, Amen Father Yahweh.

John 8:32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Latest UFO Sightings from Around the World

September 21, 2011 Comments off

Triangle UFO formation over Quezon City, Philippines 20-Sep-2011

Bright objects or orbs were seen and recorded flying over Novaliches, northern half of the Quezon City, the former capital and the most populous city in the Philippines.This video was recorded on Tuesday, 20th September 2011.

Flashing lights over Riverside, California – September 2011
This video of flashing lights was recorded over the 4th largest inland California city Riverside in September 2011.

Witness report: My buddy jay saw some lights in the sky and decided to record it, sent me the video via email for me to upload. the officialreport as of now is that these specific lights in the sky was/is some type of meteor. no meteor i’ve ever seen acts like this.

Author (Zerthog @ youtube)

Stationary triangle UFO over Wenatchee, Washington – September 2011
New footage of triangle-shaped craft hovering above Wenatchee in Washington. This video was filmed this month (in September 2011).

Low unidentified objects flying together over Scotland 20-Sep-2011
Multiple unknown objects were recorded flying across the night sky over Scotland on Tuesday, 20th September 2011.

UFOs photographed from a plane over France 21-Aug-2011
A great Ufo sighitng come from the France. There are some Ufos taken from an airplane. The witness was on the Airbus A320 Airfrance, he took three photos out the airplane to landscape. In a first time, he saw nothing. Only later, reviewing the photos, the witness noticed the UFO. Accordin to Angelo Carannante, the manager of CUBMGC (Centro Ufologico di Benevento Mars Group Campano) and CUFOM (Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo), it’s a behavior, which recently, is very common. Carannante claims: “Seems that Ufo have change tactics. This is a very interesting sighting. In a first time I and the analyst images Carmine Silvestri, we thought was a reflection. More details are on the website (video is avaliable below!)

The Cup of Wrath will be administered as Michael blows the trumpet summoning all of his forces to this planet. By that time, the distant LOZ will have defeated the intruders at Pleiades’s and will rejoin the main force presently over the expanse of the earth and those based beneath it and beneath the oceans.

Alaska Earthquake: Magnitude 7.2 Temblor Strikes In Pacific Ocean

June 24, 2011 Comments off

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Alaska Earthquake Information Center says a major earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 has been recorded in the Pacific Ocean off Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands.

The center says the Thursday evening quake was felt through the central Aleutians and as far east as Dutch Harbor and Unalaska. There are no immediate reports of damage.

The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center posted a tsunami warning for certain coastal areas of Alaska, but canceled the warning about an hour after the quake. The warning covered an area from 80 miles northeast of Dutch Harbor to about 125 miles west of Adak.

In Dutch Harbor, longshoreman Jim Paulin said warning sirens caused hundreds of people to begin climbing up a nearby hill.


The LOZ that are and have been trying to bring forth a tremendous sea quake in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A colossal wave that spirals out in all directions is their intent. Of course though, it is not the demons – they battle against the LOZ to halt them.

Apocalypse Airlines: Fueled, on the tarmac and waiting for the End of the world

June 9, 2011 Comments off

In the event of nuclear war, a powerful meteor strike or even a zombie apocalypse, the thoroughly protected doomsday plane is ready to keep the president, secretary of defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff and other key personnel in the air and out of danger. It may not deflect a Twitter photo scandal, but it can outrun a nuclear explosion and stay in the air for days without refueling.

The flight team for the E-4B, its military codename, sleeps nearby and is ready to scramble in five minutes. It was mobilized in the tumultuous hours after planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and southern Pennsylvania on 9/11.

“If the command centers that are on the ground in the United States have a failure of some sort, or attack, we immediately get airborne. We’re on alert 24/7, 365,” Captain W. Scott “Easy” Ryder, Commander, NAOC, told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer as she traveled to Afghanistan with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on the apocalypse-proof plane. “Constantly there’s at least one alert airplane waiting to get airborne.”

All E-4B aircraft are assigned to the 55th Wing, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb. The modified 747s can travel at speeds up to 620 miles per hour, 40 miles per hour faster than their commercial counterparts.

The $223 million aircraft is outfitted with an electromagnetic pulse shield to protect its 165,000 pounds of advanced electronics. Thermo-radiation shields also protect the plane in the event of a nuclear strike.

A highly-trained security team travels with the plane.

“The first people off of the airplane are these guys, they’ll position themselves appropriately around the airplane,” Ryder said to ABC News. “The secretary also has his own small security staff that does similar things. So these guys are predominately designed to protect our airplane, and the secretary’s staff protects him, as an individual.”


The Beast knows what is coming as they are well aware of the Spiritual War that is raging on and around planet earth.  However…

The LOZ will soon challenge the governments of this planet for air supremacy. Past power passed to them by Satan will then be revoked as they are also cut to the ground like their father.

Numbers 16:32 “The earth opened its mouth and swallowed them and their households, all Korah’s people, and all [their] possessions.”

Exodus 15:12 “You stretched out Your right hand, and the earth swallowed them.”

Isaiah 9:16 “The leaders of the people mislead [them], and those they mislead are swallowed up.”

Isaiah 14:12 “Shining morning star, how you have fallen from the heavens! You destroyer of nations, you have been cut down to the ground.”

He will soon lose air supremacy over this planet’s skies.

The Spiritual War: The Sons of Light against The Sons of Darkness on BlogTalkRadio

March 18, 2011 Comments off

Many of have heard of the Spiritual War, but have you ever taken a moment to think about how it might be fought? Did it ever occur to you that it actually IS a war just like the ones that are fought here on earth, the only difference being that it is between angels and not humans?

In order to even begin to imagine and understand, you will need to imagine a game of chess. One one side of the board is Yahweh and on the other is Satan. The Spiritual War is like a chess game that’s played out by both sides of the spectrum. Holy against evil. The Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness.

Listen this Sunday at 3PM CST on BlogTalkRadio or download a podcast of the show and others from iTunes. Just search End Times Truths Revealed.

BlogTalkRadio LINK

Video: Another “Apocalypse Ghost Horse And Rider” Seen In Japan

March 18, 2011 1 comment

(Seen again at 1:25)

As the veil continues to lift between the physical and spiritual realms, a glimpse beyond is given to those of us that exist on this side. Multiple sightings, as many as 300, of UFOs have been captured in the wake of the Japan disaster as well as other anomalies including this one which has been reported as being a horse and rider similar to the one witnessed during the Egyptian Protests. This ties in with what our ministry has been sharing – the TRUTH – of the Spiritual War that rages all around us between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness.

To learn more about the Spiritual War, including an update on News from the Front listen to our show “The Spiritual War: The Sons of Light against The Sons of Darkness” this Sunday at 3pm CST on BlogTalkRadio.

US Has Weapons To Fight UFOs and ET, Says Former Canadian Defense Chief, Plus An Even Bigger Secret

March 4, 2011 Comments off

Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Defense Minister, says UFOs are real and the U.S. military has weapons to use against UFOs and that aliens can help us learn about climate change.  He adds he would probably get fired for his views if he was still Canada’s Minister of National Defense today, but is adamant he has seen UFOs himself, according to reports in the Daily Mail, AOL News and the Barrie Examiner.

Hellyer says, “the reality is that they (aliens) have been visiting earth for decades and probably millennia and have contributed considerably to our knowledge.”

He says UFOs are not the biggest secret in the world, the biggest secret he says is how a “handful of bankers” have “bamboozled” politicians for the past century to take control of the world’s currencies by creating a monopoly on printing money. He adds the bankers  are “very clever” in financing politicians and now control the political processes.

Trusted political and scientific sources with whom Hellyer has spoken have suggested that the UnitedStates has developed new forms of energy at top-secret “black operation” installations, using reportedly extraterrestrial technology, according to AOL writer Lee Speigel.


He calls the holy angels aliens for lack of knowledge. But the information passed on to this ministry in the past is being underlined by those that are coming forth with the shadow government cover up.

Is it any surprise there is a shadow government pulling strings like a puppet master? Where does Satan reside? In the shadow of the veil. Whose strings does he try to pull or manipulate?

Do not be deceived! The “biggest secret” and true reality is that the weapons are designed to fight Yahweh’s Holy Angelic Forces, not “Aliens”. They fight in an attempt to maintain power and AGAINST Yahweh in an attempt to halt the coming of Christ’s Kingdom. More information can be gained by watching THIS Video.

Would You Like to End This Spiritual War Early?

February 22, 2011 Comments off

If you march in protest of something, make it count for what is most important. Demand that your governments surrender to Yahweh’s Lions of Zion (LOZ) and accept the incoming governmental rule of Christ Jesus. Any government that publicly acknowledges Christ as the Sovereign King over Yahweh’s creation will be spared from the coming wrath.

Although the compliance will end that governmental rule, it will represent a stepping stone for the other nations to follow suit, and could result in a more peaceful transition. It is because hearts are not directed to Yahweh that She must destroy those resisting, but that is not what She desires. She wants all to gain Salvation. It is possible to alter this world of peoples date with extermination if each person wakes up to what is just ahead if they do not.

As Yahweh once spared a city in ancient times from Her wrath because they relented and turned their hearts to Her, it can happen on a worldwide scale in these end times. If the people worldwide turn to Christ in TRUTH, you can alter the punishment phase to be meted out – only to the remaining few human resisters and Satan’s spiritual allies.

The Lions of Zion – Yahweh’s Elite Holy Angelic Warriors

February 19, 2011 2 comments

The LOZ are bringing Yahweh’s prophecies to completion. They will storm the earth and execute those left after the remnant have been salvaged. They are Yahweh’s elite holy angels and the one’s piloting the crafts being reported as UFO’s you’ve been witnessing above major cities lately. The sightings will continue to increase.

Get ready for plagues – Mankind is getting ready to be officially put on notice; though they are not yet aware of it. Just as in Biblical times when Moses and Aaron went up against the Pharaoh for the release of the Israelites from Egypt and Yahweh released plagues then, so shall it be now. There is nothing new under the sun.

These crafts have surveyed the cities as forerunners for the Antijaboks (a celestial class of holy angels) that are getting ready to make the next appearances. They will release a number of deadly plagues over every city that has recently experienced sightings over the period of a month. Each city that sees any LOZ craft over it, is marked for a plague. They are not here to bring good tidings.

All world governments are opposers to Yahweh’s throne. The USA want people to believe the threat of germ warfare comes from Al-Qaida, but that’s all a rouge to hide the fact that they are preparing to fend off Yahweh’s forces. They are involved in a covert plan to prevent Christ from taking possession of this planet for his Millennial Rule. It won’t happen. Christ’s Kingdom WILL be established.


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