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Will Israel bomb Iran without notifying the US?

October 13, 2011 Comments off

Shared with this ministry by Seraiah, 2nd in Command of the LOZ, in 2010 was a warning of what was to come: “The European Union will pull itself together and make a move on the chess board. They will move into the dominate position in a pushing match against China and the Middle East. Israel will come under attack and be overrun when the U.S. falters in power.”

Would it be wise to get out of the cities when this occurs?

“Yes. Just as the prophecy to the Israelite’s to leave the city when they see what is happening, now applies to all cities. Be armed and be prepared to defend yourself as you exit. As this culminates, all power grids will go down. Mass hysteria will feed off of itself. Death will become rampant as people are killed and as many more commit suicide. The military will try and roadblock the cities to keep people in. They will try to bring order but will come under attack from within with turncoats and as military bases fall to subversive groups.”

The danger is that Netanyahu may seek to break out of the current political isolation by mounting a spectacular attack.

In recent weeks, intense discussions have taken place in Israeli military and intelligence circles about whether or not to launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Apparently, the key question in the debate was how to ensure that the United States took part in the attack or, at the very least, intervened on Israel’s side if the initial strike triggered a wider war.

Reports of these discussions have caused considerable alarm in Washington and in a number of European capitals. Some western military experts have been quoted as saying that the window of opportunity for an Israeli air attack on Iran will close within two months, since the onset of winter would make such an assault more difficult.

Concern that Israel may decide to attack without giving the US prior warning is thought to be the main reason for the visit to Tel Aviv on October 3 of the US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta. His aim seems to have been to rein in the Israeli hawks.

Amos Harel of the Israeli daily Haaretz summed up Panetta’s message as follows: America is standing by Israel, but an uncoordinated Israeli strike on Iran could spark a regional war. The US will work to defend Israel, but Israel must behave responsibly.

At his joint press conference with Israel’s Defence Minister Ehud Barak, Panetta said: “The US is very concerned, and we will work together to do whatever is necessary to keep Iran from posing a threat to the region. But doing so depends on the countries working together.” He repeated the word ‘together’ several times. In other words, Israel should not act without an American green light.

In recent years, Israel has often threatened to attack Iran. Why has the subject been revived this time? Is Israel worried that Iran is close to acquiring the capability to manufacture a nuclear bomb? Most intelligence experts agree that Iran has not yet made a decision to build nuclear weapons. A more likely Israeli motive is its concern that the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany — the so-called P5+1 — may accept an Iranian offer of renewed talks.

Israel’s greatest fear is that the P5+1 will reach a compromise with Iran which would allow it to continue enriching uranium for civilian purposes. This might then lead in due course to the world agreeing to co-exist with a nuclear Iran. If that were to happen, Israel’s monopoly of nuclear weapons — a key asset in maintaining its regional military supremacy — would be lost. – GulfNews

Obama seeks to reassure Israel on Mideast policy in speech at AIPAC conference

May 23, 2011 Comments off

While the president’s core message differed little, Obama appeared to have succeeded in easing the concerns of some Israelis who had sharply criticized his speech Thursday.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who met with Obama for more than two hours Friday, issued a statement saying he was “determined to work with President Obama to find ways to renew peace negotiations.”

“I share the president’s desire to advance peace and I appreciate his efforts, past and present, to achieve this goal,” Netanyahu said in a statement released by his office.

The Israeli leader, initially angered by Obama’s call for 1967 border lines as a starting point for negotiations, has since told aides that he is reassured about Obama’s intentions after their talks Friday.


Romans 11:25, 26 “So that you will not be conceited, brothers, I do not want you to be unaware of this mystery: a partial hardening has come to Israel until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. And in this way all Israel will be saved, as it is written: The Liberator will come from Zion; He will turn away godlessness from Jacob.”

The Israelites of modern day are no longer Yahweh’s chosen people – this scripture is not speaking of the Israelite nation. It is speaking of the Spiritual Israelites – those who are found faithful in these End Times (both in the physical and spiritual realms) who make up the Spiritual flock.

The “Gentiles” are those that have not yet accepted the Truth, and Father’s patience is awaiting them, but the opportune time is nearly run out. Just as Jacob exists on the other side at present, it is symbolism that Yahweh uses in all things She conveys – so that Her Wisdom is hidden in deep meanings of the Word and must be mined like fine silver or gold to attain in understanding of what She really means.

Haniyeh on Nakba Day: Pray for an end to Israel

May 15, 2011 Comments off

Hamas PM says group will not recognize Israel; Erekat calls on Netanyahu to “say the numbers 1-9-6-7″ if he is serious about peace.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh spoke to Muslim worshipers on Sunday morning, telling them to pray for an end to Israel.

“Palestinians mark the Nakba with great hope of bringing to an end the Zionist project in Palestine,” Haniyeh told 10,000 people at Gaza City’s al-Omari mosque, AP reported.

“To achieve our goals in the liberation of our occupied land, we should have one leadership,” he reportedly said, praising the recent unity accord between Hamas and Fatah.

Haniyeh added that Hamas would not recognize Israel.

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat on Sunday also commented on Nakba Day events, telling Israel Radio, “This is the day of my nakba, it is the day when my nation was interrupted. Sixty-three years later, we’re still interrupted, we’re still under occupation. If I want to go to Jerusalem, I still need to ask permission from one of your kids, your soldiers.”

Commenting about a plan in which Israel would agree to a Palestinian state on 1967 borders if the Palestinians agreed to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Erekat said “Your title is the State of Israel, and that is how we recognize you. It’s none of my business to determine who you are. I want to hear the numbers 1-9-6-7 from Netanyahu. Until we don’t hear that, we’re not going to waste our time.”


Satan’s offspring actually reach out, just as Adam and Eve reached out, and they take what does not belong to them.

They commit an act that they cannot justify nor rectify if they chose to do so. They add to their sins by claiming to represent knowledge, just as Dawn Lucifer did, that they represent a knowledge that gives them superiority over others, and that they are justified by the actions they take. Where Dawn Lucifer sought to be a god, his offspring claim a god that suits their inner desire to execute those that do not accept their ways or belief. Where Father used the Israelite army to destroy Her enemies, Satan uses his own pawns to mimic Father’s just and righteous war against Her past enemies, but in Satan’s destructive path he pits one false religion against another.

This in Father’s eyes spells lawlessness. All belongs to Her Son Christ Jesus.


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