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The Door Is Closing

October 29, 2011 Comments off

For the ministry of Yahweh and Christ, our Grand Creator and Loving Savior, comes the time in which one door closes while another door opens. Established in 2005 and under the guidance of Yahweh’s holy angels for the purpose of bringing Yahweh’s Light of Truth to Mankind in these End Times, we have now completed our work in the 10th month, ten representing Completion, of the year 2011.

The nourishment that has been freely and graciously given by our Creator for this final and pre-Armageddon generation can be found via the many links listed on our website homepage, Facebook Page and on each of our blogs. It remains as a guiding light for those who continue to seek Truth so that it might be found. It is all that will be available in these final days prior to the Rapture and then, Armageddon in which Yahweh’s elite holy angelic warriors, the Lions of Zion will invade, execute those of evil mankind that remain and remove all traces of Dawn Lucifer Satan the Devil’s evil imprint upon this world.

For many, the door to deliverance, salvation and eternal life is closing and there will be no other door that then opens for them. May Yahweh and Christ lead you to Truth and may that Truth set you free. In the name of Christ Jesus our loving Savior and vindicator of righteous rule we pray, Amen Father Yahweh.

John 8:32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

A Nation in Ruins: Obama sets record for number of natural disaster declarations

October 28, 2011 Comments off

Mother is about to bring full rebellion to Satan’s empire. Hard as he is trying to keep peace, he will not be able to halt the people from rebelling against the governments. There is a reason for the job failures and the staggering economy, and the lost homes. All designed to culminate against each government of every nation affected by this curse from Mother.

Malachi 1:4 “Though Edom says: “We have been devastated, but we will rebuild the ruins,” the LORD of Hosts says this: “They may build, but I will demolish. They will be called a wicked country and the people the LORD has cursed forever.”

Satan will bring the nations back up from ruin for a short while, but they will not hold together. During that period of destruction, the people will seek their true benefactor that is opposed to Christ and Mother. The Antichrist will then make his appearance. The people will be awed by Satan’s regained powers and his strength to bring peace to this world of people. But it will not last. Mother will see to that.

Matthew 25:41 “Then He will also say to those on the left, ‘Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the Devil and his angels!”

From Hurricane Irene, which soaked the entire East Coast in August, to the Midwest tornadoes, which wrought havoc from Wisconsin to Texas, 2011 has seen more billion-dollar natural disasters than any year on record, according to the National Climatic Data Center. And as America’s hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires set records this year, so too has President Obama in his response to them. During the first 10 months of this year President Obama declared 89 major disasters, more than the record 81 declarations that he made in all of 2010. And Obama has declared more disasters — 229 — in the first three years of his presidency than almost any other president signed in their full four-year terms. Only President George W. Bush declared more, having signed 238 disaster declarations in his second term, from 2005 to 2009. But while the sheer number of bad weather events played a big role in the uptick in presidential disaster declarations, Obama’s record-setting year may have something to do with politics as well. “There’s no question about it that the increase in the number of disaster declarations is outstripping what we would expect to see, given what we observe in terms of weather,” said Robert Hartwig, the president and economist at the Insurance Information Institute. “There’s a lot of political pressure on the president and Congress to show they are responsive to these sorts of disasters that occur.” While the president aimed to authorize swift and sweeping aid to disaster victims, Congress was entrenched in partisan battles over how to foot the bill. When Republicans demanded that additional appropriations for a cash-strapped FEMA  be offset by spending cuts, the government was almost shut down over disaster relief funding. –ABC News

Mitt Romney Embraces Climate Denial: ‘We Don’t Know What’s Causing Climate Change’

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Mother is using this ministry to bring forth Her prophecy. There is a reason people will blaspheme Her. It is this ministry’s duty to drop the spiritual hailstones that are a wake up call. The physical enormous hailstones follow our message to mankind. Mother wants people to know who the calamities have been coming from and who they will continue to come from:

Revelation 16:21 “Enormous hailstones, each weighing about 100 pounds, fell from heaven on the people, and they blasphemed God for the plague of hail because that plague was extremely severe.”

Severity is about to become much worse. Satan is not the cause, and Mother wants everyone to know that it comes directly from Her – The One in control, and the One whom is nature. Then, this will come to pass as well:

Psalm 83:18 “May they know that You alone— whose name is Yahweh—are the Most High over all the earth.”

WASHINGTON — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney broke with Republican orthodoxy this summer, telling a crowd in Manchester, N.H., that humans are at least somewhat responsible for climate change. Now Think Progress reports he’s reversing his position, arguing “we don’t know what’s causing climate change.”

“My view is that we don’t know what’s causing climate change on this planet,” he said at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. “And the idea of spending trillions and trillions of dollars to try to reduce CO2 emissions is not the right course for us. My view with regards to energy policy is pretty straightforward: I want us to become energy secure and independent of the oil cartels.”

The remarks come in stark contrast to his stated energy policy priorities.

“I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that,” he said at a town hall this June. “It’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may be significant contributors.”

With his fellow GOP presidential contenders engaging in different shades of climate denial, Romney has distanced himself from those remarks. In an Oct. 3 interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader posted online Thursday night, he elaborates on his new position on global warming.

“I say it’s probably happening, all right? I think it’s happening,” he said when questioned about a passage in his 2010 book “No Apology” that deals with climate change.

“You said in June you believe the world is getting warmer and that humans have contributed to that,” noted one reporter, quoting a line that comes directly from his book.

“And continue to the next line after that,” Romney pressed.

“It’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may be significant contributors,” said the reporter.

“I say in the book three things,” said a frustrated Romney. “One, I believe what I said before, I think it’s getting warmer. Two, I believe we contribute to it. And three, I don’t know by how much — a lot or a little. And I am not willing to adopt multitrillion dollar programs to reduce greenhouse gases in America. They don’t call it America warming, they call it global warming.”

As president, Romney added, he would “aggressively develop oil and gas, as well as use our coal resources.” Nuclear too would be a priority, though he said that it would require a long lead time.

“Of course I like the renewable resources, but I’m not in favor of sending checks for half a billion dollars as a venture capitalist to various favored solar companies,” he said, in a conspicuous reference to Solyndra.

Romney’s climate denial puts him in line with most every other contender in the Republican presidential field.

Herman Cain has called the very premise of climate change “a scam,” while former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) has referred to it as nothing more than a “trend,” accusing the left of “taking advantage” of it by creating “a beautifully concocted scheme because they know that the earth is gonna cool and warm.”

Back in 2009, meanwhile, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) argued on the House floor that the very concept of global warming is faulty because “carbon dioxide is a natural byproduct of nature!”

In an August stump speech, Texas Gov. Rick Perry took the skepticism about climate change one step further, telling a New Hampshire business crowd that scientists have cooked up the data on global warming for the cash.

“We’re seeing weekly, or even daily, scientists who are coming forward and questioning the original idea that man-made global warming is what’s causing the climate to change,” Perry said at the time. “Yes, our climates change. They’ve been changing ever since the earth was formed.”

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has become increasingly skeptical of climate change, calling it “the greatest hoax I think that has been around for many, many years, if not hundreds of years,” in a 2009 interview with Fox News.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) appeared alongside former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in a 2008 ad that urged the country to address climate change, but has since switched to denial.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is the only mainstream Republican presidential contender who has been outspoken about the need for climate action, calling Republicans’ failure to address climate change at the national level “immensely frustrating.” Within the GOP presidential field, he’s green advocates’ best hope. – HuffingtonPost

Mounting Crisis: 1/3 of Thailand Now Under Water

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The scorch and flooding policy continues upon the earth and its population. Just as Yahweh flooded the earth in past times, those flood brought renewal as the end result. Now fire will bring renewal. As the remnant are cleansed by fire, so to shall the evil be extinguished.

Psalm 68:33 “to Him who rides in the ancient, highest heavens. Look, He thunders with His powerful voice!”

The thunder you hear in thunder storms, that is Mother’s voice. Since She is nature in the raw, you know when She is angry.

Thailand announced a five-day holiday on Tuesday to give people the chance to escape floods closing in on Bangkok as authorities ordered the evacuation of a housing estate on the outskirts of the city after a protective wall gave way.

The cabinet declared October 27-31 a holiday in Bangkok and 20 provinces affected by the country’s worst flooding in 50 years as weekend high tides in the Gulf of Thailand could complicate efforts to divert water away from the low-lying capital.

The floods have forced the closure of seven industrial estates in Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi and Pathum Thani provinces bordering Bangkok, causing billions of dollars of damage, disrupting supply chains for industry and putting about 650,000 people temporarily out of work.

The cabinet announced a 325 billion baht budget on Tuesday to help rebuild the country, mostly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), small vendors and individuals.

“If they get back to normal quickly, it will help push the economy forward,” Finance Minister Thirachai Phuvanatnaranubala said of the businesses.

The floods have killed at least 366 people since mid-July and disrupted the lives of nearly 2.5 million, with more than 113,000 living in temporary shelters and 720,000 seeking medical attention.

Although authorities are scrambling to pump out water from the Bangkok region, record-high water levels in the Chao Phraya river that winds through the city raise the risk of floods in central Bangkok, especially if heavy rain returns when the tide is high.

Don Muang Airport, Bangkok’s second biggest, said it would temporarily close at 5 p.m. (1000 GMT) on Tuesday as passengers and staff might have problems reaching the terminal because of the flooding. It expected to reopen on November 1.

Airports of Thailand AOT.BK said the main Suvarnabhumi Airport was not affected because it was on higher ground. However, Thai Airways International Pcl THAI.BK, which operates out of Suvarnabhumi, said it may reduce flights because of staffing concerns.

Parts of Don Muang, Lak Si and Sai Mai districts in northern Bangkok have been under water since Saturday and the flood crisis centre in Don Muang may have to relocate.

The centre instructed residents of the Muang Ake housing estate in northern Bangkok to evacuate on Tuesday after a flood protection wall in nearby Pathum Thani province was breached, adding to tension in the capital, where residents have fortified their homes and hoarded food and water.

The Commerce Ministry said on Tuesday it would relax import tariffs and regulation on food, water and some consumer goods in short supply as a result of hoarding.


Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra issued a new flood warning late on Monday for Bang Phlad district, west of the Chao Phraya river and closer to Bangkok’s commercial heart.

Bang Phlad is home to department stores, universities and hospitals. Siriraj Hospital, where Thailand’s revered king has been for more than two years, is nearby.

Government spokeswoman Thitima Chaisang said the holiday had been called due to the high tides and to give residents the option of leaving Bangkok. Sukhumbhand said the holiday would allow authorities to handle the crisis better.

Authorities opened most canal gates in Bangkok late last week, a high-risk operation to take pressure off defensive walls in the north and divert water around the east and west of the capital into the sea but raised the chance of inner-city flooding.

At least eight million cubic metres of water is being pumped out daily. The Meteorological Department has forecast scattered showers in the capital on Tuesday and Wednesday after three dry days.

Hundreds of people were evacuated over the weekend as water in Lak Si and Don Muang reached levels as high as two metres (six feet), spilling out of swollen canals and rivers. Several crocodiles have been killed or captured in swamped residential areas of Ayutthaya.

A Bank of Thailand official said no decision had yet been taken on whether commercial banks and financial markets would be closed for the holiday. The central bank’s headquarters is by the Chao Phraya river but it has high walls and there were no signs of flooding there on Tuesday.

At least 227 bank branches have been forced to close by floods, most of them in the provinces north of Bangkok.

The central banks of Japan and Thailand said on Tuesday they were looking at a mechanism to offer funds in baht backed by Japanese government bonds to help affected Japanese firms. The Bank of Thailand also said it was discussing similar plans with other countries. – Reuters

Thousands of dead birds wash up on Ontario shores

October 23, 2011 Comments off

Jeremiah 12:4 “How long will the land mourn and the grass of every field wither? Because of the evil of its residents, animals and birds have been swept away, for [the people] have said, “He cannot see what our end will be.”

Father is permitting much of Her animal Kingdom to die off here in these last days of this old system of things; and those animals are blameless in Father’s eyes; they just got caught up in Dawn’s misdealings that have led to dire consequences for every one and everything on this dying planet; is the Earth dying? YES it is; but Father won’t let it happen, and is why She’s intervened against Mankind’s harsh treatment of Her property’ Father is altering the Earth as I write this; She is also letting things get worse as far as Mankind goes, but will pull the Earth back from the brink of destruction.

As many as 6,000 dead birds have washed up on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, say authorities, who believe botulism may be to blame.

Ontario Provincial Police Constable Peter Leon said Saturday the number of dead waterfowl is estimated to be between 5,000 and 6,000.

The dead birds are scattered along a nearly three-kilometre stretch north of the community of Wasaga Beach, said Constable Leon.

Federal and provincial officials believe the cause of the death is a form of botulism, apparently from the birds eating dead fish, he said.

A spokeswoman for Natural Resources Minister Michael Gravelle says staff in his department are monitoring the situation and planned to be at the scene on Sunday to collect more samples. Two weeks ago the Ministry of Natural Resources issued a news release saying the death of large numbers of fish and wildlife on the Great Lakes is not uncommon at certain times of the year. Georgian Bay is on Lake Huron.

Small-scale die-offs caused by botulism occur annually around the Great Lakes, with the last large-scale one happening in Lake Ontario in 2007, the ministry said.

According to public health agencies, no cases of human illness have been attributed to outbreaks of botulism in the Great Lakes.

Type E botulism toxin is produced by a bacterium that lives in lake bottom sediment, and under certain conditions it begins producing the toxin, which then enters the aquatic food chain, according to the ministry. Birds who eat affected fish can die.

Health Canada says proper cooking and handling of food eliminates the botulism toxin.

Police say people in the area are being advised to keep a close eye on their children and pets to make sure they stay away from the dead birds. – The Globe and Mail

Earth Is Burning: NASA Releases Global Fire Map, Visual Tour Of Planet In Flames

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Yahweh’s SCORCH PROPHECY remains in effect through the end time. At the close of Armageddon, Yahweh will cleanse this planet – burst this planet with solar radiated heat and completely obliterate all carcasses and remove the footprint of Satan. Anything living that might escape our swords will be melted away, even if they have hidden beneath the earth’s crust. The earth is to later be renewed by Yahweh. The remnant will be placed back upon this planet. A new creation will take place as the animal kingdom is replenished.

Fire observations from around the world taken over nearly 10 years are shown in this visualization of NASA satellite data.

NASA has released a series of new satellite data visualizations that show tens of millions of fires detected worldwide from space since 2002. The visualizations show fire observations made by the MODerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, or MODIS, instruments onboard NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites.

NASA maintains a comprehensive research program using satellites, aircraft and ground resources to observe and analyze fires around the world. The research helps scientists understand how fire affects our environment on local, regional and global scales.

Each of these fire maps accumulates the locations of the fires detected by MODIS on board the Terra and Aqua satellites over a 10-day period. Each colored dot indicates a location where MODIS detected at least one fire during the compositing period. Color ranges from red where the fire count is low to yellow where number of fires is large. The compositing periods are referenced by their start and end dates (julian day). The duration of each compositing period was set to 10 days. Compositing periods are reset every year to make year-to-year comparisons straightforward. The first compositing period of each year starts on January 1. The last compositing period of each year includes a few days from the next year.

“What you see here is a very good representation of the satellite data scientists use to understand the global distribution of fires and to determine where and how fire distribution is responding to climate change and population growth,” said Chris Justice of the University of Maryland, College Park, a scientist who leads NASA’s effort to use MODIS data to study the world’s fires.

One of the new visualizations takes viewers on a narrated global tour of fires detected between July 2002 and July 2011. The fire data is combined with satellite views of vegetation and snow cover to show how fires relate to seasonal changes. The Terra and Aqua satellites were launched in 1999 and 2002, respectively.

NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC. Caption by Holli Riebeek.

The tour begins by showing extensive grassland fires spreading across interior Australia and the eucalyptus forests in the northwestern and eastern part of the continent. The tour then shifts to Asia where large numbers of agricultural fires are visible first in China in June 2004, then across a huge swath of Europe and western Russia in August. It then moves across India and Southeast Asia, through the early part of 2005. The tour continues across Africa, South America, and concludes in North America.

Multiple fires burned in northern India near the Pakistan border in early October, 2011, as the end of the monsoon season brought drier conditions that prompted farmers in the region to begin to clear land for the dry season crops. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this true-color image on October 15, 2011 as it passed overhead.

The global fire data show that Africa has more abundant burning than any other continent. MODIS observations have shown that some 70 percent of the world’s fires occur in Africa. During a fairly average burning season from July through September 2006, the visualizations show a huge outbreak of savanna fires in Central Africa driven mainly by agricultural activities, but also driven by lightning strikes.

US food supply threatened: Foreign insects, diseases

October 10, 2011 Comments off

The one world currency will soon come into reality, and shortages of food and other items of rationing will require that anyone whom purchases them must have complied with the world government’s mandate so that no one can steal someone else identity and purchase additional items so as to hoard or black market them. Enters the new age of Satan’s mark of the beast. 666 representing the number of a man, being in alignment with Satan as the new ruling authority over all of mankind. Computer chips will be implanted, or Satan’s law will dictate that those refusing must be eliminated.

Dozens of foreign insects and plant diseases slipped undetected into the United States in the years after 9/11, when authorities were so focused on preventing another attack that they overlooked a pest explosion that threatened the quality of the nation’s food supply.

At the time, hundreds of agricultural scientists responsible for stopping invasive species at the border were reassigned to anti-terrorism duties in the newly formed Homeland Security Department — a move that scientists say cost billions of dollars in crop damage and eradication efforts from California vineyards to Florida citrus groves.

The consequences come home to consumers in the form of higher grocery prices, substandard produce and the risk of environmental damage from chemicals needed to combat the pests.

An Associated Press analysis of inspection records found that border-protection officials were so engrossed in stopping terrorists that they all but ignored the country’s exposure to destructive new insects and infections — a quietly growing menace that has been attacking fruits and vegetables and even prized forests ever since.

“Whether they know it or not, every person in the country is affected by this, whether by the quality or cost of their food, the pesticide residue on food or not being able to enjoy the outdoors because beetles are killing off the trees,” said Mark Hoddle, an entomologist specializing in invasive species at the University of California, Riverside.

Homeland Security officials acknowledge making mistakes and say they are now working to step up agricultural inspections at border checkpoints, airports and seaports.

While not as dire as terrorism, the threat is considerable and hard to contain.

Many invasive species are carried into the U.S. by people who are either unaware of the laws or are purposely trying to skirt quarantine regulations. The hardest to stop are fruits, vegetables and spices carried by international travelers or shipped by mail. If tainted with insects or infections, they could carry contagions capable of devastating crops.

Plants and cut flowers can harbor larvae, as can bags of bulk commodities such as rice. Beetles have been found hitchhiking on the bottom of tiles from Italy, and boring insects have burrowed into the wooden pallets commonly used in cargo shipments.

A look at the damage:

  • No fewer than 19 Mediterranean fruit fly infestations took hold in California, and the European grapevine moth triggered spraying and quarantines across wine country.
  • The Asian citrus psyllid, which can carry a disease that has decimated Florida orange groves, crossed the border from Mexico, threatening California’s $1.8 billion citrus industry.
  • New Zealand’s light brown apple moth also emerged in California, prompting the government in 2008 to bombard the Monterey Bay area with 1,600 pounds of pesticides. The spraying drew complaints that it caused respiratory problems and killed birds. Officials spent $110 million to eradicate the moth, but it didn’t work.
  • The sweet orange scab, a fungal disease that infects citrus, appeared in Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, which all imposed quarantines.
  • Chili thrips, rice cutworms and the plant disease gladiolus rust also got into Florida, which saw a 27 percent increase in new pests and pathogens between 2003 and 2007.
  • The erythrina gall wasp decimated Hawaii’s wiliwili trees, which bear seeds used to make leis.
  • Forests from Minnesota to the Northeast were also affected by beetles such as the emerald ash borer, many of which arrived in Chinese shipping pallets because regulations weren’t enforced.
In all, the number of pest cases intercepted at U.S. ports of entry fell from more than 81,200 in 2002 to fewer than 58,500 in 2006, before creeping back up in 2007, when the farm industry and members of Congress began complaining. – MSNBC

2011: A record breaking year for disaster

October 8, 2011 1 comment

Keep in mind that the spiritual war is fought on two fronts.

1. It is a spiritual battle that involves weather and other related phenomena to cause destruction and widespread desolation.

2. It is fought by using mankind as its own worst enemy.

Mankind has helped to bring much of the disasters now happening. Father is simply helping things progress much more quickly. The bowls of wrath are tribulation (i.e., a state of great trouble or suffering.) It is not intended to serve as a like scenario of the global flood by causing total destruction. That comes with the cup of wrath. The cup is poured out upon the earth just as the rains were at the great flood. At this time, people are experiencing great trouble and are suffering from the bowls of wrath that are given as a sign that the Great Tribulation has arrived. Read Revelation.

There things occur but the masses are not repentant. Father is revealing Her great power over nature and Her intervention into world governments affairs, but only those that are perceptive are aware of what’s happening. Each move on the chess board in the tribulation period is designed to fulfill the prophecies Father inspired to the writers of the Word long ago.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - September’s T.S. Lee was just another reminder that Louisiana is one of the nation’s true ‘hot spots’ when it comes to tropical landfalls. In addition, Lee is just another example of a long list of weather events making 2011 an extraordinary year for extreme weather over the United States.

A recent report by the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) notes that by the end of September, the U.S. had already broken the record number of federal disaster declarations issued in a single year. The 86 federal disaster declarations through the first nine months of 2011 tops the previous annual record of 81, which was set just last year. In addition, the estimated price tag of nearly $25 billion through September places 2011 among the five or six costliest years on record in terms of insurance claims.

By comparison, for the 15 years from 1996 through 2010, there were an average of 58 such declarations per year, and only three years — 1996, 2008 and 2010 — had 75 or more declarations. Some of the increase since the mid 1990s can be attributed to a greater willingness on the fed’s part to issue declarations, but certainly Mother Nature has been extra busy in recent years.

Not only has 2011 been extraordinarily active in terms of the number of weather-related disasters, but the U.S. has suffered through a full array of extreme weather events this year.

A powerful winter storm over much of the central and eastern U.S. at the end of January began the run of extremes, followed by one of the deadliest and most active “tornado seasons” on record for the nation as a whole. Spring and summer Ohio and Mississippi river flooding added to the burden, while one of the most devastating droughts on record persists across the Southern Plains, extending into western and northern Louisiana. The Southern U.S. drought has not only been devastating for the region’s agriculture, but it also has spawned record and near-record wildfire frequencies.

(It is worth noting that the 2011 drought over the Southern U.S. can be traced back to its beginnings over northern Louisiana in the spring of 2010. Critical drought conditions over the Southern Plains did not develop until six months later.)

And more recently, August’s Hurricane Irene — with her track from the Carolinas into New England — wreaked havoc through the nation’s most densely populated corridor.

All of these extreme events come at a time when Congress is debating how to continue FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a program of critical importance to many flood-prone Louisiana residents.

Without doubt, Louisiana is too often a target of Mother Nature’s wrath, ranking sixth in the nation based on the numbers of federal declarations by state since 1953. Of these top six states, all five of the states with more declarations are larger in size and only Oklahoma has a smaller statewide population. And keep in mind that these account for only major federal declarations and do not include additional state disaster declarations that do not qualify for federal response.

It comes as no surprise that tropical weather is a big reason for the high number of federal declarations for the Bayou State, and historically, tropical systems have been responsible for most of the state’s costliest weather disasters. But many underestimate the role of non-tropical weather, accounting for roughly two-thirds of Louisiana’s federal declarations since the program began (in 1953). Indeed, winter/spring storms account for more than half of the total federal declarations issued for Sportsman’s Paradise. Even during the last 20 years, when Louisiana has suffered a marked increase in tropical weather impacts, Louisiana has been included in more federal declarations for non-tropical weather events than for tropical storms and hurricanes.

Annual tropical activity over the Atlantic Basin has been above the long-term average routinely since the mid 1990s, and a consensus outlook by hurricane experts indicates that this elevated activity is likely to continue for at least another decade or more. The impact of this recent upswing in storm counts for Louisiana has been obvious: more than a doubling of the average number of tropical impacts per decade for Louisiana during 2001-2010. At the same time, many from within climate-science circles believe that we should prepare for more frequent occurrences of all types of weather and climatic extremes in the coming decades, largely due to the theories behind (rapid) climate change.

No doubt, Louisiana not only needs to remain extra-ready for another decade of all-too-frequent tropical ‘hits,’ but should brace for the potential of increased severe weather year-round! – WAFB

Astrophysics and Extinctions: News About Planet-Threatening Events

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Luke 17:26-30 “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the Day when the Son of Man is revealed.”

“Christ was revealing that just as they took no note worthy view of the warnings back in those days of judgment, neither will they do so in these last days of this age. The end will come as a thief in the night to them because they will not heed the healthful urgency of what is about to happen. I know from my own personal experience with Noah that he was laughed and scoffed at like he was a simple minded idiot for even suggesting that the earth could be flooded. You will also be treated in a like fashion by the majority. But fear of dying at Armageddon will not be enough to save a person. They must be sincere in why they seek Father. Otherwise, Christ will still bar them from the kindness of Salvation. He is permitted to judge their true heart conditions.” Commander Jaddai, Cherubic Order of Holy Angels

ScienceDaily (Oct. 7, 2011) — Space is a violent place. If a star explodes or black holes collide anywhere in our part of the Milky Way, they’d give off colossal blasts of lethal gamma-rays, X-rays and cosmic rays and it’s perfectly reasonable to expect Earth to be bathed in them. A new study of such events has yielded some new information about the potential effects of what are called “short-hard” interstellar radiation events.

Several studies in the past have demonstrated how longer high-energy radiation bursts, such as those caused by supernovae, and extreme solar flares can deplete stratospheric ozone, allowing the most powerful and damaging forms of ultraviolet radiation to penetrate to Earth’s surface. The probability of an event intense enough to disrupt life on the land or in the oceans becomes large, if considered on geological timescales. So getting a handle on the rates and intensities of such events is important for efforts to connect them to extinctions in the fossil record.

“We find that a kind of gamma ray burst — a short gamma ray burst — is probably more significant than a longer gamma ray burst,” said astrophysicist Brian Thomas of Washburn University. Improved and accumulated data collected by the SWIFT satellite, which catches gamma ray bursts in action in other galaxies, is providing a better case for the power and threat of the short bursts to life on Earth.

The shorter bursts are really short: less than one second long. They are thought to be caused by the collision of two neutron stars or maybe even colliding black holes. No one is certain which. What is clear is that they are incredibly powerful events.

“The duration is not as important as the amount of radiation,” said Thomas. If such a burst were to happen inside the Milky Way, it its effects would be much longer lasting to Earth’s surface and oceans.

“What I focused on was the longer term effects,” said Thomas. The first effect is to deplete the ozone layer by knocking free oxygen and nitrogen atoms so they can recombine into ozone-destroying nitrous oxides. These long-lived molecules keep destroying ozone until they rain out. “So we see a big impact on the ozone layer.”

Those effects are likely to have been devastating for many forms of life on the surface — including terrestrial and marine plants which are the foundation of the food web.

Based on what is seen among other galaxies, these short bursts, it seems that they occur in any given galaxy at a rate of about once per 100 million years. If that is correct, then it’s very likely that Earth has been exposed to such events scores of times over its history. The question is whether they left a calling card in the sky or Earth’s geological record. – ScienceDaily

Hunger crisis grips North Korea as food runs short

October 7, 2011 1 comment

Satan receives a symbolic last hour to make his stand. That hour began when the LOZ arrived to bring great tribulation with the bowls of anger. Satan is resisting making his stand, but he will be forced to follow through. Due to the earth’s circumstances, food will become scarce, and you will not be able to purchase anything without his mark. But that mark will not doom you – only your heart condition can do that.

HAEJU, North Korea — In a pediatric hospital in North Korea’s most productive farming province, children lay two to a bed. All showed signs of severe malnutrition: skin infections, patchy hair, listless apathy.

“Their mothers have to bring them here on bicycles,” said duty doctor Jang Kum Son in the Yellow Sea port city of Haeju. “We used to have an ambulance but it’s completely broken down. One mother traveled 72 kilometers (45 miles). By the time they get here, it’s often too late.”

It’s also getting late for North Korea to get the massive amount of food aid it claims to need before the harsh winter sets in. The country’s dysfunctional food-distribution system, rising global commodities prices and sanctions imposed over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs had contributed to what appears to be a hunger crisis in the North, even before devastating summer floods and typhoons compounded the emergency.

The regime’s appeals for massive food aid have gone mostly unanswered by a skeptical international community. Only 30 percent of a United Nations food aid target for North Korea has been met so far. The United States and South Korea, the two biggest donors before sanctions, have said they won’t resume aid until they are satisfied the military-led communist regime won’t divert the aid for its own uses and progress is made on disarmament talks.

South Korea also says the North is exaggerating the severity of its food crisis. Visiting scholars, tourists and charity workers have sent out conflicting views about it.

The U.N.’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), for instance, said last month after visiting the North that “the damage was not so significant.” Another U.N. body, the World Food Programme, which has a regular presence in the North, warned in March of growing hunger. The sharp divergence of views is one reason why the U.N.’s emergency relief coordinator will visit this month to assess the situation.

North Korea’s Economy and Trade Information Center, part of the foreign trade ministry, invited Alertnet to see the extent of the crisis on a rare reporting trip to its rice bowl in South Hwanghae province in the southwest.

Alertnet, a humanitarian news service run by the Thomson Reuters Foundation which covers crises worldwide, saw evidence of alarming malnutrition and damaged crops, but also signs of some promise for the coming rice harvest.

Although tightly controlled by government officials, an Alertnet reporter and Reuters photographers and video journalists were able to conduct a week-long trip into the South Hwanghae region. The visit included rare access to collective farms, orphanages, hospitals, rural clinics, schools and nurseries.

The regime’s motive in granting the access appears to be to amplify its food-aid appeals. North Korean officials at first asked Alertnet to reach out to its subscriber base to mobilize help–and at one point asked the Thomson Reuters Foundation for a donation. Alertnet declined, saying all it could do is visit and report on the situation. – MSNBC

100 Infected, 18 Dead; Listeria Outbreak Continues

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Luke 21:10 “Then He told them: “Nation will be raised up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. 11There will be violent earthquakes, and famines and plagues in various places, and there will be terrifying sights and great signs from heaven.”

The Fourth Seal
7 “When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” 8 “And I looked, and there was a pale green horse. The horseman on it was named Death, and Hades was following after him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill by the sword, by famine, by plague, and by the wild animals of the earth.”

The outbreak of listeriosis linked to whole Rocky Ford-brand cantaloupes from Colorado’s Jensen Farms is now more than six times larger than it was when the first public warnings about contaminated melons were issued just three weeks ago.

In its eighth update on the rapidly expanding outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta said 100 people from 20 states have been confirmed infected with one or more of the four outbreak associated strains of Listeria monocytogenes.
Eighteen deaths are now attributed to the outbreak.

Two more deaths in Colorado and one in Kansas were the additional fatalities since CDC’s last update on Sept. 29, when 15 deaths were reported. Arkansas reported its first case linked to the outbreak.

The listeriosis outbreak is responsible for five deaths each in Colorado and New Mexico and two each in Kansas and Texas. States with one death each are Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

More Listeria-connected deaths are likely and may well have already occurred. CDC’s update is good through 11 a.m. Oct. 3. Media reports say there have been other deaths that are not yet included in the CDC totals.

For example,  Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals is investigating the death of an 87-year-old Baton Rouge woman whose death was caused by a Listeria infection to see if it is connected to the outbreak strains. A similar death is under investigation in Wyoming.

While the outbreak may not have yet reached its zenith, CDC’s profiling of the victims is telling a story. Listeria poises the greatest threat to the elderly, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems.

CDC’s data shows that illnesses began on or after July 31 and involved people from 35 to 96 years old, with a median age of 79.  Most are over age 60. For the 93 people that CDC has information on, 98 percent have required hospitalization.

Forty-nine percent of the victims are women, including two who are pregnant.  Listeria can cause miscarriage or stillbirths in pregnant women. CDC says “the outcome of each pregnancy is being monitored.”

According to the nation’s top disease agency, individuals who were infected since Sept. 7 are probably not yet included in the data because of the time it takes between someone becoming ill and when the illness is reported.

Cantaloupes are clearly at the center of the outbreak. CDC says of 77 ill persons the agency has sufficient information about, 71 — 92 percent — reported eating cantaloupe in the month before they were infected.
“Several ill persons remembered the type of cantaloupe they had eaten and said they were Rocky Ford cantaloupes, which are grown in the Rocky Ford region of southeastern Colorado.” CDC reported.

This is the first time that cantaloupes have been the source of a Listeria outbreak.  CDC says it rare that any produce is a Listeria carrier.  Usually Listeria outbreaks are caused by deli meats, hot dogs and Mexican-style soft cheeses.

But, produce has some history with Listeria contamination. Sprouts spred Listeria in a 2009 outbreak and celery did so in 2010.

“It’s the very first time we’ve seen listeria contamination in whole cantaloupes,”  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said Tuesday.  “And we’re continuing to work on the root cause analysis to determine how this happened .. .and to find ways to prevent this from happening in the future.  We also intend to take the lessons learned from that outbreak and share them with our partners in industry to reduce the likelihood of future incidents.” – Food Safety News

Federal Officials Join in Investigation into Mysterious Seal Deaths

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Jeremiah 12:4 “How long will the land mourn and the grass of every field wither? Because of the evil of its residents, animals and birds have been swept away, for [the people] have said, “He cannot see what our end will be.”

Father is permitting much of Her animal Kingdom to die off here in these last days of this old system of things; and those animals are blameless in Father’s eyes; they just got caught up in Dawn’s misdealings that have led to dire consequences for every one and everything on this dying planet; is the Earth dying? YES it is; but Father won’t let it happen, and is why She’s intervened against Mankind’s harsh treatment of Her property’ Father is altering the Earth as I write this; She is also letting things get worse as far as Mankind goes, but will pull the Earth back from the brink of destruction.

(Reuters) – Federal officials have joined an investigation into the mysterious deaths of young harbor seals on beaches across three New England states as the number of dead seals rose to 49.

Seals began washing up on the beaches of northern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and southern Maine last week, said Maggie Mooney-Seus, a spokeswoman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s office in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

“Some of them have been decomposed,” she told Reuters on Wednesday. “We’re hoping we’re not going to see a lot more. We don’t know at this point what’s caused it.”

The densest cluster of seal deaths has been along New Hampshire’s 18-mile (30-km) coast, where 17 seal carcasses have been recovered since Friday, said Tony Lacasse, a spokesman for the New England Aquarium in Boston.

The aquarium has conducted autopsies on three of the least-decomposed seals and found that they all had an adequate layer of blubber to survive.

That suggests the young seals did not die because of a failure to develop hunting skills, which causes the natural deaths of about 30 percent of harbor seals after they are weaned from their mother, Lecasse said.

“The results were a little surprising to us,” Lecasse said. “We’re doing tissue sampling and have sent those out to labs across the country.”

Results are expected next week, and could indicate whether seals died because of disease, toxins or another cause, he said.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine are home to large populations of harbor seals, which occasionally draw great white sharks and other predators to their breeding grounds. – Reuters

Ariz. dust storms ‘looked like a war zone’; 1 dead

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Jeremiah 13:24 “I will scatter you like drifting chaff before the desert wind.”

Image: Arizona Department of Public Safety Officers and other emergency personnel make their way around a 16-car crashA blinding dust storm rolled across the Arizona desert Tuesday, causing three pileups involving dozens of vehicles on a major interstate. One man was killed and at least 15 other people were injured, authorities said.

The first two crashes occurred just after noon as a dust storm suddenly covered Interstate 10 near Picacho, about midway between Phoenix and Tucson. Those collisions involved 16 vehicles and led to the fatality.

News footage showed dust roiling over dozens of cars, tractor-trailers and ambulances pulled over or strewn about the highway. Authorities were unable to transport injured motorists by helicopter because of the heavy dust.

“It looked like a war zone,” Patrick Calhoun, one of the first rescuers to responder to the scene, told The Associated Press. “This has been one of the worst pileups we’ve had on the I-10.”

Calhoun, with the Avra Valley Fire District, said the man who died was in the passenger seat of a car driven by a woman who appeared to be his wife. Their car had slammed into the back of a semi and was lodged underneath it, killing the man almost instantly and leaving the woman critically injured in a semiconscious state of shock.

Calhoun said it took 45 minutes to hook up winches to the vehicle, pull it out and then cut the woman out of the car to take her to a hospital.

A second vehicle also was lodged under a semi, Calhoun said, and two people were extricated in a similar manner before being taken to a hospital.

‘Zero visibility’ 

Blowing dust was a factor in both accidents agnd prevented a rescue helicopter from landing at either scene, Arizona public safety department spokesman Bart Graves told Reuters.

“Deputies reported zero visibility when they arrived at the scene. There’s still almost no visibility. The storm is just hovering around out there,” he added.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Officers and other emergency personnel make their way around a 16-car crash on Interstate 10 between Tucson and Phoenix Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011.

A third pileup occurred almost two hours later on I-10 just north of Casa Grande and involved eight vehicles. No one was killed in that collision; two people had serious but non-life-threatening injuries, Graves said.

Katie Maass, a spokeswoman at University Medical Center in Tucson, said the hospital was treating 12 patients involved in the collisions. Three were listed as critical and the other nine were in serious condition.

Authorities closed the interstate for most of the afternoon. They reopened the eastbound lanes around 5:45 p.m., and Graves said just before 10 p.m. that officials had reopened all westbound lanes but one.

Wind gusts 

Dust storms are common across Arizona during dry and windy conditions, and walls of dust more than a mile high can blanket an area in a matter of seconds, sometimes reducing visibility to zero.

Winds from the southwest were gusting at up to 40 mph throughout Arizona on Tuesday, said Jessica Nolte, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

“These winds have accumulated so much that when they move through the region they start to pick up the dry top soil,” she said. “It can be a very rapid development.”

The Phoenix area was enveloped in a beige haze for much of the day, obscuring the view of the mountains that surround the metropolitan area.

The winds should taper off Tuesday evening and into Wednesday, Nolte said. Another weather system was expected to move into Arizona on Thursday, and Nolte said it could generate gusts as strong as Tuesday’s.

The storms routinely plague the area near Picacho Peak, a state park in southern Arizona, said National Weather Service meteorologist Craig Shoemaker, who estimated sustained winds in the storm at 20 to 30 miles per hour, gusting up to 50 mph. – MSNBC

Just Two Days of Drinking Water Left on Island of Tuvalu

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Jugs of fresh drinking water will become more valuable than oil. They will cost more than the oil you use to change oil in your vehicles. Groceries will soar in price as the crop failures are made known over the coming weeks ahead.

Isaiah 29:8 It will be like a hungry one who dreams he is eating, then wakes and is still hungry; and like a thirsty one who dreams he is drinking, then wakes and is still thirsty, longing for water. So will be the multitude of all the nations who go to battle against Mount Zion.

The tiny Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu, located midway between Australia and Hawaii, has declared a state of emergency due to a severe shortage of fresh water.

Officials said today that some parts of the country – the fourth smallest in the world with a population of 11,000 – may only have a two-day supply.

New Zealand’s

Foreign Minister Murray McCully said his country was working with the Red Cross to deliver aid workers and supplies as quickly as possible.

He said Tuvalu first declared the emergency last week and the situation had deteriorated since then.

Meteorologists have warned that it is unlikely to rain until December, and workers for the Red Cross said that it has not rained properly in the country for at least six months.

Usually the 10 square foot country has between 200mm to 400mm of rainfall per month.

Water was scarce in the capital, Funafuti, and a number of outlying islands, McCully said, adding that he had received reports saying some places would run out of fresh water within days.

And the secretary general of the Tuvalu Red Cross, Tataua Pefe, said water supplies in some parts of the country could run out as early as today.

He said: ‘It’s not safe for consumption. Some animals have died recently and we think it’s because of subterranean water.’

A New Zealand defence service C-130 plane arrived today carrying two desalination units and a number of water containers, McCully said.

Tuvalu, which gained independence from Great Britain in 1978 but was visited by the Queen and Prince Philip in 1982, isn’t the only Pacific island running out of fresh water after six months of low rainfall.

Officials from Australia and New Zealand have said they are worried about other islands in the region, including Tokelau.

McCully said his government would work with aid agencies to try and figure out a long-term response to the situation.

Today is a national holiday in Tuvalu and government officials could not be immediately reached for comment. –  DailyMail

Millions of Bees Mysteriously Die in Florida

October 2, 2011 2 comments

Shared with this Ministry in 2006-2007: “Bees and other beneficial insects are desperately needed so desperately for the world’s food crop supply. It’s the beginning of the major crop failures this year. Food will become more valuable than oil. When a 1/3 of the crops or more fail this year from lack of pollination, due to a decline in bees and other beneficial insects, you’re going to hear people proclaiming the end of the world has come.

Albert Einstein once said, “If the Bees died off this planet, Mankind would be extinct in 4 years.”

He knew the importance of keeping nature in balance. The weather is a SIGN of the natural order being out of balance. It is a domino effect. Bees spawn – but high winds, pesticides, and other miscalculations by Man has altered everything for the worst. We are living on a dying planet. You’ll see that truth unfolding this year in the news media as they start to pay attention to what’s really going on.”

MICCO, Fla. (CBS Tampa/AP) – Florida officials are abuzz as to how millions of honey bees were killed in Brevard County.

Several beekeepers in the county have reported lost colonies this week. Charles Smith of Smith Family Honey Company told Stuart News Thursday he lost 400 beehives. He says the bees appeared to have been poisoned.

“I’ll never get completely compensated for this unless someone handed me 400 beehives,” Smith told Stuart News. “I lost the bees, the ability to make honey and the ability to sell the bees.”

Smith told Florida Today that he lost $150,000 from the incident.

State officials are testing the bees to determine what type of chemicals contributed to their deaths.

Experts say pesticides might be behind the lost beehives.

“The fact that it was so widespread and so rapid, I think you can pretty much rule out disease,” Bill Kern, an entomologist with the University of Florida’s Research and Education Center, told Florida Today. “It happened essentially almost in one day. Usually diseases affect adults or the brood, you don’t have something that kills them both.”

The case in Micco, 18 miles south of Melbourne, is being investigated by state agriculture officials and the sheriff’s office. – CBSNews


October 1, 2011 3 comments

Is Yahweh in the process of creating dead zones? Making the earth uninhabitable in a step by step process? And, are underground mining operations risking the lives of miners as the earth continues to shift and crack across the globe, making future cave in’s more than just a possible threat?

This and more is on the horizon. The earth itself is now the biggest threat to all life on this planet.

Looking at mankind, knowing it is out of harmony, how can anyone expect the home they live upon to be within harmony? The misuse of this planet’s resources by mankind, and the total disregard for it being a natural recycling creation, and the involvement of the LOZ to rectify creation through the use of violence, it all adds doom to its inhabitants – inclu

ding the animal kingdom, sea life, and insect populations. Yahweh is performing a two-fold process. She is cleansing the earth, and She is altering it in preparation for making it the jewel it once was. Yahweh’s land (She owns everything in creation) has become polluted, and Her temple of worship has become defiled with falsehoods. A pattern was set long ago:

2 Chronicles 34:8 “[ Josiah's Repair of the Temple ] In the eighteenth year of his reign, in order to cleanse the land and the temple, Josiah sent Shaphan son of Azaliah, along with Maaseiah the governor of the city and the recorder Joah son of Joahaz, to repair the temple of the LORD his God.”

Something strange is happening in the world. First they (the authorities) claimed it was the cold which was killing the birds and the fish but now it’s happening all around the world, in warmer areas as well. So it’s not the cold which is killing these animals.

It’s not pollution either, such as poisoned water or something in the air (such as chemtrails) because it would have been detected by now and besides it’s happening everywhere in the world. It’s simply not possible that the entire world would suddenly turn poisonous. So what’s really happening here? No one really knows yet but everyone is speculating and creating theories of their own.

Some have even ventured to fairy tale lands into explaining that the birds died because they were terrified by fireworks which were used on January 1st 2011, but what about the fish? And why hasn’t this happened in previous years because this year is definitely not the first year in which people use fireworks.
This is definitely not normal, not a routine event and not something that happens everyday. Some of these events have happened a few months ago while most of these events are happening right now, but never the less the listed older events still might give some clues to what could be causing this strange world event.
This page will get updated regularly as more such mysterious deaths are expected to happen anytime so be sure to check back.
So far, according to the authorities, all these poor animals died because of the cold and indigestion, but there’s a problem here. There’s no cold in these countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil nor in New Zealand and could all these birds and fish suddenly become victims of mass indigestion?
There’s something bizarre happening here.
This mysterious apocalyptic phenomenon has happened so far in the following places:
Update 10 – Whales found dead on Donegal Beach
Update 14 – Fishy deaths near Tambun cemetery
Update 10 – Massive fish kills in Berkel
Update 14 – Eider ducks die like flies
Papua New Guinea
Update 10 – Dead fish washed ashore at Pari village
Update 10 – Thousands of dead fish
Update 10 – Dead birds found in an orchard
Update 10 – 1,500 birds found dead in Ukraine
United States of America
South Dakota
Update 13 – Yankton Sees Bird Kill-Off

Tainted cantaloupes linked to 13 deaths

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Since May of this year and even before that we have warned: “The coming epidemics from tainted water will begin to spread shortly. Hospitals will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that are infected. Boiling water is still the best defense against water born diseases, and should also be boiled to bathe with. People living in flooded areas should follow this precaution.

The animal kingdom will also suffer from the effects. Those with pets in the infected areas should boil their drinking water also. Pets that are permitted free range will become infected. Livestock will also be at risk from the new strains of bacteria that are in the toxic brew if permitted to drink the tainted water.

The Antijaboks have done their work. You are now forewarned of what to expect.

One other insight. The underground aquifers are also tainted. Well water is no longer safe in flooded areas even after the waters recede. Be cautious of rainwater, it is also tainted, and what it is tainted with will eventually affect all surface and underground water. No amount of boiling will make it safe.”

Thirteen people have now died from consuming bacteria-tainted cantaloupe in what has become the deadliest outbreak of a food-borne illness since 1998, according to records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The outbreak — blamed on the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes — was first reported September 12, when the CDC said 15 people in four states had been infected. The illnesses were traced to consumption of Rocky Ford cantaloupes


grown at Jensen Farms’ fields in Granada, Colorado. As of Monday morning, the latest statistics available, it had grown to 18 states, 72 illnesses and 13 deaths, according to the CDC. In 1998, 21 people died from consuming tainted hot dogs, according to a CDC database. In the current outbreak, four people who ate contaminated cantaloupes died in New Mexico, two each in Colorado and Texas, and one each in Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Public health officials have also reported illnesses in those states as well as in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Montana, North Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. On September 14, Jensen Farms voluntarily recalled Rocky Ford whole cantaloupes shipped between July 29 and September 10. The cantaloupes were distributed in 17 states — Illinois, Wyoming, Tennessee, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Kansas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The cantaloupes bear a green-and-white sticker that reads: Product of USA- Frontera Produce-Colorado Fresh-Rocky Ford-Cantaloupe or a gray, yellow, and green sticker that says: Jensen Farms-Sweet Rocky Fords. Unlabeled whole cantaloupe should be taken to the retailer for sourcing information, the Food and Drug Administration said.-CNN

Super Sun Blast Fears Put Russian Nuke Plants In Lockdown

September 25, 2011 1 comment

A frightening report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) states that “emergency notices” have gone out to all of Russia’s nuclear power plants warning them that a potential “blast” from our Sun could cause “massive power blackouts” and could even result in “spontaneous atomic explosions.”

Prompting this unprecedented warning was our Sun’s unleashing of a massive X1.9 solar flare from the behemoth Sunspot 1302 yesterday, and that is just days away from putting our Earth squarely in its sights, that this FAAE report is blaming for the near total blackout that hit the entire South American nation of Chile within minutes of this event occurring.

This FAAE report further warns that the blackout that occurred in Chile due to yesterday’s solar blast was forewarned about by a similar event that occurred earlier this month in the United States after their Southern California and Arizona regions were hit by a massive power blackout on 8 September.

Even more concerning to the FAAE about these solar blasts were their being connected by Russian atomic scientists to the nuclear explosion at a nuclear-waste facility in southern France that occurred on 12 September and a Michigan nuclear plant “cooling failure” that occurred on 16 September, both of which were quickly followed by at least six more massive solar blasts occurring in less than 24 hours from 18 September until 19 September.

The FAAE also states in their report that the fall from low-space orbit of NASA’s UARS climate satellite yesterday can, likewise, be blamed on these solar blasts too, a position supported by US space scientists who recently discovered that 90 minutes after these solar blasts die down, they spring to life again producing an extra surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation, and which, according to NASA scientist Rachel Hock:

“The extra energy from the late phase can have a big effect on Earth. Extreme ultraviolet wavelengths are particularly good at heating and ionizing Earth’s upper atmosphere. When our planet’s atmosphere is heated by extreme UV radiation, it puffs up, accelerating the decay of low-orbiting satellites.”

Interesting to note of all of these events is how unprepared people in the West are to face what the FAAE terms as the “worst events to come” and have, also, been warned about by American experts and scientists too, including the World Net Daily article titled U.S. warned of threat worse than Katrina, plague, WWII that, in part, said:

“More horrifying than the plague of Black Death across Europe. More costly in lives than World War II. Financially, it could make the Katrina repairs look like a pocketful of change. And it’s not a matter of if, but when.

That’s the alarming warning issued by John G. Kappenman, owner of Storm Analysis Consultants and an expert on the dangers of electromagnetic pulse damage to modern society, with a list of qualifications after his name as long as a phone book.

The issue of EMP dangers to the Earth – either from a CME, a coronal mass ejection, which is an eruption of power from the sun, or from a nuclear-triggered EMP wave intended to destroy a society – have been the subject of multiple reports in recent months.

WND reported just days ago that the U.S. House authorized plans to defend America’s power grid against such dangers, but the Senate left citizens to fend for themselves, eliminating the contingency plans.”

NASA, too, again warned the American people last year of a pending solar storm telling them to get ready for a “once in a lifetime solar storm” and this past June released a video to all of their employees to “start preparing now.”

To why these American people fail to protect themselves from known dangers to come is perplexing to many, especially after this past weeks report on the catastrophic Joplin Missouri tornado that killed 162 and destroyed 9,000 homes, but which showed the huge loss of life was due to “complacency and confusion.”

It’s as if, one researcher remarked, that the American people are simply unable to respond to anything unless it occurs within minutes or seconds of their hearing about it, and even then it’s doubtful many of them will act to protect themselves.

To what is causing these massive solar blasts in the first place there are many speculations, but it is interesting to note the contents of the Federal Security Service (FSB) addendum to this FAAE report suggesting that the “takeout” of two of America’s top planetary scientists this past month are related and show the ends to which the US is going to in their effort to keep the truth hidden. – The European Union Times

We are witnessing this now, but we were forewarned of it several years ago:

“Father’s Seraphs cause the sun to radiate large amounts of solar heat. The process has been going on for some time now, but it will be escalated as Father brings more heat and drought to parts of this world, and floods and tornadoes, with earthquakes opening voids and swallowing land masses as they slide off into the openings. The seas will heat to a temperature that will cause a chain reaction of more turbulence and higher waves than have ever been witnessed since this planet became inhabited by mankind.

Michael warned that the hurricanes in the United States will reach farther inland than in previous years. They will be some of the most devastating to have ever been unleashed. With them will come large tornadoes and hail that demolishes all within their path. And all volcanoes, even those thought to be extinct will become violently active, adding a heavy haze to the earths atmosphere as they help to create the swaddling band to gather the moisture for the canopy.

With any storm, the demons try to shift it to an altered course away from occupied land masses by engaging the holy warriors directing the jet streams in that storms movement. Sometimes when battles occur it helps our side, because the demons often underestimate the power of Father’s nature. Even the Cherubs have difficulty in directing nature, and when interrupted during a battle it can have worse effects than originally anticipated but on a different path.”

Polio strain spreads to China from Pakistan

September 21, 2011 Comments off

Polio has been found in China for the first time since 1999 after spreading from Pakistan, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed.

It said a strain of polio (WPV1) found in China was genetically linked with the type now circulating in Pakistan.

At least seven cases have now been confirmed in China’s western Xinjiang province, which borders Pakistan.

The WHO warned there was a high risk of the crippling virus spreading further during Muslim pilgrimages to Mecca.

Polio (also called poliomyelitis) is highly infectious and affects the nervous system, sometimes resulting in paralysis.

It is transmitted through contaminated food, drinking water and faeces.

‘Right things done’

On Tuesday, the WHO said the polio cases in Xinjiang had been detected in the past two months.

The Chinese authorities are now investigating the cases, and a mass vaccination campaign has been launched in the region.

“So far all the right things are being done,” WHO spokesman Oliver Rosenbauer told Reuters news agency.

Polio was last brought into China from India in 1999. China’s last indigenous case was in 1994.

Pakistan is one of a handful of countries where polio remains endemic.

WHO officials had been warning for some time that the virus was spreading within the country to previously uninfected areas.

The UN’s children fund, Unicef, has said that eradicating polio from Pakistan depends on delivering oral vaccines to each and every child, including the most vulnerable and the hardest to reach.

Polio was virtually eliminated from the Western hemisphere in the 20th Century. – BBC

The spreading of diseases is something we’ve been warning of for a while now so that you might expect what was and is to come. Between the Antijaboks (a class of angel) doing their work, and toxic brew in the waters and water supply, hospitals will become overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that are infected. Boiling water is still the best defense against water born diseases, and should also be boiled to bathe with. People living in flooded areas should follow this precaution.

Doomsday Coming for Catastrophic Risk Insurers?

September 19, 2011 1 comment

Kenneth A. Froot spends more time thinking about natural disasters than the average business school professor. In addition to the rise and fall of the Dow and the long-term implications of the financial crisis in Greece, he has natural perils—hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and unusually severe European winters—on the brain.

And he thinks you should, too.

Froot, the André R. Jakurski Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, has spent more than 15 years researching how the reinsurance industry—which provides insurance for insurers—manages catastrophic risk. And while he’s seen improvements in the way reinsurers distribute risk over the last two decades, he still questions whether reinsurers in their current form can survive a major catastrophic event.

“Reinsurers assume the risk of, and hold the capital for, those catastrophic events for which insurers are poorly suited,” explains Froot.

A local property-casualty insurance agency can easily hold enough capital to cover losses from house fires or burst pipes; such losses are relatively infrequent and their numbers easy to predict. Natural disasters are a different story: though they occur much less frequently, when they do happen it’s akin to thousands or even tens of thousands of pipes bursting and homes burning all at once. Hurricane Irene, for instance, inflicted an estimated $6.6 billion in insured losses. And they are much harder to predict. Because of this, it becomes very expensive for insurance firms to hold the capital necessary to cover catastrophic losses.

So they turn to reinsurance firms, paying them a fee to assume that risk. Ideally, reinsurers are able to absorb the risk of, say, a hurricane blowing through Vermont, because they have diversified their own risk across the possibility of hurricanes in Vermont, floods in England, and earthquakes in California.

“One relies on the insurance sector to promote risk sharing,” says Froot. “One of the features my research raises is that the level of risk sharing in many instances is very incomplete, very poor.”

Froot examines where insurance companies purchase protection asking, “Do they buy reinsurance contracts for small losses, for in-between losses, for big losses, for gargantuan losses?” Logic dictates that insurers will choose to cover gargantuan losses “because those will wipe you out,” says Froot. – Harvard Business School

The insurance companies will belly up after this year of losses unless the United States government can bail them out. 100% in crop failure claims, and billions in loss payouts for the changing weather patterns that are destined to bring more devastation.

In the past, the insurers have based their losses on past statistics, but can no longer rely on that data. All are nearing the verge of being bankrupt.

Fish & Ocean Life Continue to Die at Alarming Rates

September 18, 2011 Comments off

A collection of recent stories reporting the continued die off of fish and other ocean life:

Another mass die-off: Millions of fish found dead in China

(NaturalNews) Two days before the massive 9.0+ magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, millions of dead fish were found mysteriously blanketing waters at King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif. And in a similar turn of events, millions of dead fish were recently discovered floating in China’s Minjiang River — just a coincidence, or a sign of worse things to come? What’s on Xiamen, a Chinese news source, reports that countless millions of dead fish were found floating on a large portion of the Minjiang River stretching from Huangtian in Gutian County, to Shuikou, an area that represents the largest grass carp breeding region in China’s Fujian Province. As many as nine million fish have reportedly died in Huangtian alone, thus far. “All the fish in Huangtian floated onto the river on August 27, 28 and 29,” said Wei Maoci to Chinese reporters. Maoci, who owns his own fish farm, was the first of many farmers to experience massive and unexplained fish deaths and he reportedly lost the equivalent of roughly $470,000 worth of fish as a result. – Natural

Fish kills reported in Neuse River in wake of Irene

Staff members from both the N.C. Division of Water Quality and state Wildlife Resources Commission agencies report that oxygen levels in the rivers have steadily decreased each day since the hurricane passed on Aug. 27. As the oxygen levels decrease, staff have seen stressed fish gasping for oxygen and others dying. – ENC Today

NC officials: Avoid eating, touching dead fish

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Widespread fish kills in eastern North Carolina are an expected impact from Hurricane Irene, and officials with the State Division of Public Health warn residents to avoid eating or touching the dead fish. Scientists estimate that hundreds of fish have turned up dead in rivers, including the Northeast Cape Fear River, since Irene made landfall August 27. “We came out here to check out the water and there was dead fish everywhere,” said fisherman Dan Siuta. “There’s dead catfish floating around.” – WECT

Overwhelmed by putrid fish smell

PAM and Peter Clarke were hoping to enjoy the recent balmy weather in the backyard of their Ballina home until they opened their back doors and were overwhelmed by a horrible smell. The couple live in the North Lakes estate and their home backs onto a canal which, as it turns out, was the location of a significant fish kill last week. Mrs Clarke said council workers cleaned up hundreds of dead fish that were scattered in the lakes of the estate. However, they did not pick up all of them and some are now rotting in the canal behind their house. The result is a revolting stench that greets the Clarkes when they go to bask in the afternoon sun. – Northern Star

Biologists Set To Rescue Fish From Drying Texas Rivers

The Texas Parks & Wildlife has been talking about this for months, now. Back in July, the department put out a long, explanatory press release on what’s happening to wildlife as the drought deepens. One of the important things they note is that when water doesn’t fall from the sky, animals turn to spring-fed ponds, or water that comes from the earth. According to TPWD, animals have survived long droughts in the past, but our consumption of water is making droughts more severe. –

Deep Lake Fish Kills Attributed to Oxygen, Water Temperature

Dead fish in Bull shoals, Norfolk and Beaver lakes in north Arkansas have resulted in questions and concerns from a number of Arkansans.  It is a natural and somewhat seasonal phenomenon, according to Ken Shirley, a veteran district fisheries biologist with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The situation was complicated this year because of unusual and prolonged high levels on the lakes resulting from heavy spring rains. –

Water monitored after dead fish spotted

County officials said Friday night they were testing the water at Boca Chica beach to determine whether to issue any type of warning after dead fish were found along the shore— possible victims of red tide. People with asthma or other respiratory problems can be particularly sensitive to red tide, and there were already reports of people reacting to something at the beach. Cameron County Commissioner Sofia C. Benavides, of Precinct 1, visited the shore Friday and reported that the water was not red. However, she said she experienced irritation to her throat, a common symptom of red tide. Willie Cupit, a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department coastal ecologist, said Friday morning he hadn’t received a report of the fish kill, but that it would be investigated. Cupit said Thursday that the presence of red tide in the Brownsville Ship Channel was confirmed. “We were kind of holding our breath. It’s going to spread. It’s just kind of a waiting game,” he said Friday. “You can’t really pre-dict where it’s going to go.” – The Brownsville Herald

Red Tide Killing Abalone off California

The sudden death of thousands of red abalone and other invertebrates along the Sonoma County Coast over the past few weeks has prompted state wildlife officials to propose an indefinite ban on abalone fishing while biologists search for a cause. The California Fish and Game Commission passed an emergency order Thursday to close the only abalone fishery in the state after continued reports of dead mollusks along the shoreline and in the water in Bodega Bay, Russian Gulch, Fort Ross, Timber Cove and Salt Point State Park. California Department of Fish and Game officials said the mass die-off was caused by an unusual and virulent red tide. “It is an unprecedented event,” said Ian Taniguchi, the senior marine biologist for fish and game. “It’s definitely going to affect the fishery. It is such a significant event that it may change how we manage the overall abalone fishery in the future.” – SF Gate

Tar balls, dead marine life raise more questions about oil in the gulf

Though BP has continued to deny that any of its gulf wells are leaking oil, a large-scale oil slick reported in the area is worrying Gulf Coast watchdogs. Concerns abound that the oil could spell trouble for area fisheries, especially since reports of dead dolphins have persisted in recent days. Since Tropical Storm Lee recently made landfall in the Gulf Coast region, tar balls have started washing up on the shores of Louisiana all the way to Florida. Dramatic videos published last week on the site Black Oil, Red Blood shows that oil is indeed still a problem. Whether that is the result of a new leak or a remnant of last year’s Deepwater Horizon spill remains a mystery. (Photos of a dolphin skeleton that washed up in Biloxi, Miss., are also shown.) According to the site, these images were taken “during the past few weeks and months, at a time when BP has engaged in an aggressive, multi-million dollar advertising campaign which proclaims to the country that Gulf beaches are clean, safe, and open for business.” – The Florida Independant

Isaiah 50:2 “Why was no one there when I came? Why was there no one to answer when I called? Is My hand too short to redeem? Or do I have no power to deliver? Look, I dry up the sea by My rebuke; I turn the rivers into a wilderness; their fish rot because of lack of water and die of thirst.”

The seas will steam up and much water will evaporate up into the atmosphere as Yahweh reforms the canopy around this planet. With that action, many fish and other sea creatures will perish. Mankind will make a vain effort to harvest dying fish populations to fish farms and hatcheries, but all will fail in salvaging what must perish.

Scientists warn strains of influenza becoming resistant to common treatments

September 17, 2011 Comments off

“Certain strains of influenza are becoming resistant to common treatments,” said Ira M. Longini, a professor of biostatistics in the University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions, the UF College of Medicine, and the UF Emerging Pathogens Institute. “We’ve been able to map out globally how this phenomenon is happening.” Longini is among a team of researchers who have published this month in the Royal Society journal Interface and explain how seasonal H1N1 influenza became resistant to oseltamivir, otherwise known as Tamiflu, the most widely used antiviral agent for treating and preventing flu. The scientists say that a combination of genetic mutations and human migration through air travel can lead to the rapid global spread of drug-resistant strains. “If you see resistant strains in parts of the world where no one is taking antiviral drugs, that’s the smoking gun that the resistant strain must be transmitting,” said Longini, who also worked on this research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. In some situations, drug-resistant bacteria and viruses can spread when drugs are overused. The scientists explored this theory using a mathematical model that simulates the spread of influenza across 321 cities connected by air travel. Using this model, they found that oseltamivir use had not been nearly widespread enough to promote the spread of antiviral resistance after it arose. However, the resistant strain probably originated in one person taking the drug. “Oseltamivir is an important prophylactic, or preventative agent, against future flu viruses, including a potential H5N1, or ‘bird flu,’ pandemic,” said Dennis Chao, the lead author of the paper and a staff scientist at the Center for Statistics and Quantitative Infectious Diseases at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. However, influenza can mutate, making the drug less effective. It had been believed that this mutation would not spread because it makes the flu less transmissible in people not taking the drug. “The fact that it spread so quickly in seasonal H1N1 between 2006 and 2008 took everyone by surprise,” Chao said. The researchers say that the mutation may have “hitchhiked” on one or more other mutations that made the drug-resistant influenza strain more transmissible. They suggest that because strains of influenza turn over so rapidly, there are many opportunities for these types of mutations to arise in an otherwise highly transmissible strain and become widespread, and it can become the dominant strain within a couple of years, making the drug useless. “For the next pandemic, we should have all the available drugs at our disposal as a first line of defense to both prevent infection and to treat the most vulnerable,” Longini said. “Or else, the chance that the next pandemic influenza strain is resistant goes up. We know something like ‘Contagion’ could happen for influenza.” –

Something we’ve been warning of for a while now so that you might expect what was and is to come. Between the Antijaboks (a class of angel) doing their work, and toxic brew in the waters and water supply, hospitals will become overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that are infected. Boiling water is still the best defense against water born diseases, and should also be boiled to bathe with. People living in flooded areas should follow this precaution.

Bacteria Spreading In Warming Oceans, Scientists Find In New Report

September 13, 2011 Comments off

BRUSSELS — Warning: The warming of the world’s oceans can cause serious illness and may cost millions of euros (dollars) in health care.

That is the alarm sounded in a paper released online Tuesday on the eve of a two-day conference in Brussels.

The 200-page paper is a synthesis of the findings of more than 100 projects funded by the European Union since 1998. It was produced by Project CLAMER, a collaboration of 17 European marine institutes.

The paper says the rising temperature of ocean water is causing a proliferation of the Vibrio genus of bacteria, which can cause food poisoning, serious gastroenteritis, septicemia and cholera.

“Millions of euros in health costs may result from human consumption of contaminated seafood, ingestion of waterborne pathogens, and, to a lesser degree, though direct occupational or recreational exposure to marine disease,” says the paper. “Climatic conditions are playing an increasingly important role in the transmission of these diseases.”

The paper also describes a host of other effects of ocean warming, both documented and forecast, including melting ice, rising sea levels, coastal erosion, increased storm intensity and frequency, along with chemical changes in the sea itself, including acidification and deoxygenation.

“What was striking to me was the enormous pile of evidence that things are already happening,” Katja Philippart, a marine scientist at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research who was involved in putting the study together, told The Associated Press. “There is so much happening already. We are just in the midst of it.”

It is not only the range of changes that has scientists concerned, but the speed of them.

“The biggest surprise to me is the fact that things are changing in the ocean much more rapidly than we thought was possible,” said Carlo Heip, who is director of the same institute in the Netherlands.

In just a few decades, he said, the fish population of the North Sea has changed significantly, with larger species moving toward the arctic and smaller ones taking their place.

He said the concentration of Vibrio genus of bacteria has been observed since the 1960s. “When the temperature in the North Sea began to increase at the end of the 80s, the Vibrios began to increase. One of those Vibrios is the cholera species.”

In the Baltic region in 2006, far more people got gastroenteritis than usual, Heip said. But he acknowledged that is anecdotal evidence only, and the extent of the danger is unclear.

Philippart said some of the effects could even themselves contribute to global warming.

The greater acidification of the ocean might mean that algae would be able to capture less carbon dioxide, she said. “Then there will be a further increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, leading to greater warming.” – Huffington Post

As reported by this ministry 5/10/11: The coming epidemics from tainted water will begin to spread shortly. Hospitals will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that are infected. Boiling water is still the best defense against water born diseases, and should also be boiled to bathe with. People living in flooded areas should follow this precaution.

The animal kingdom will also suffer from the effects. Those with pets in the infected areas should boil their drinking water also. Pets that are permitted free range will become infected. Livestock will also be at risk from the new strains of bacteria that are in the toxic brew if permitted to drink the tainted water.

Viruses are on the rise. Stay tuned for more to come.

Hospitals will become overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that are infected. Boiling water is still the best defense against water born diseases, and should also be boiled to bathe with. People living in flooded areas should follow this precaution.

The animal kingdom will also suffer from the effects. Those with pets in the infected areas should boil their drinking water also. Pets that are permitted free range will become infected. Livestock will also be at risk from the new strains of bacteria that are in the toxic brew if permitted to drink the tainted water.

Dangerous TB spreading at alarming rate in Europe warns WHO

September 13, 2011 Comments off

Multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (TB) are spreading at an alarming rate in Europe and will kill thousands unless health authorities halt the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday. Launching a new regional plan to find, diagnose and treat cases of the airborne infectious disease more effectively, the WHO’s European director warned that complacency had allowed a resurgence of TB and failure to tackle it now would mean huge human and economic costs in the future. “TB is an old disease that never went away, and now it is evolving with a vengeance,” said Zsuzsanna Jakab, the WHO’s Regional Director for Europe. “The numbers are scary,” Lucica Ditiu, executive secretary of the Stop TB Partnership told a news conference in London. “This is a very dramatic situation.” TB is currently a worldwide pandemic that kills around 1.7 million people a year. The infection is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis and destroys patients’ lung tissue, causing them to cough up the bacteria, which then spreads through the air and can be inhaled by others. Cases of multidrug-resistant (MDR-TB) and extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB) — where the infections are resistant to first-line and then second-line antibiotic treatments — are spreading fast, with about 440,000 new patients every year around the world.  According to the WHO and Stop TB, 15 of the 27 countries with the highest burden of MDR-TB are in the WHO’s European region, which includes 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia. More than 80,000 MDR-TB cases occur in the region each year — almost a fifth of the world’s total. The WHO said precise figures for XDR-TB are not available because most countries lack the facilities to diagnose it, but officially reported cases of XDR-TB increased six-fold between 2008 and 2009. Rates are highest in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but many countries in Western Europe have increasing rates of TB and drug-resistant TB, Ditiu said. Britain’s capital, London, has the highest TB rate of any capital city in Western Europe with around 3,500 cases a year, 2 percent of which are MDR-TB. Treating even normal TB is a long and unpleasant process, with patients needing to take a combination of powerful antibiotics for 6 months. Many patients fail to correctly complete the course of medicines, a factor which has fueled a rise in drug-resistant forms of the disease. Treatment regimes for MDR-TB and XDR-TB can stretch into two or more years, costing up to $16,000 in drugs alone and up to $200,000 to $300,000 per patient if isolation hospital costs, medical care and other resources are taken into account. Experts say around 7 percent of patients with straightforward TB die, and that death rate rises to around 50 percent of patients with drug-resistant forms. The WHO’s action plan for tackling tuberculosis emphasizes the need for doctors and patients to be more aware of the disease and its symptoms, to diagnose and treat cases promptly with the right drugs, and follow patients up over many months or years to ensure they take their medications. -Reuters  – Bird Flu warning issued in August by UN

“As of 2010, drug-resistant TB has been identified in 57 countries. The mortality rate for patients infected with the extra-lethal variety of TB is 85%. The global arsenal of antibiotics used to treat drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis is failing one by one…Could another health crisis be looming on the horizon with one of nature’s most communicable killers? What would we do if a XDR-TB outbreak starting over-lapping with a deadly pandemic outbreak of influenza? –The Extinction Protocol, page 228

Painful diseases will continue to spread like wildfire:

Revelation 16:10, 11 “The Fifth Bowl
The fifth poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. People gnawed their tongues from pain and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, yet they did not repent of their actions.”

Health fears over toxic floodwaters as death toll rises to five and 130,000 people are forced to evacuate across three states

September 9, 2011 Comments off

Floodwaters from the remnants of Lee and Irene have become tainted with sewage and other toxins and are threatening public health in parts of the north east.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett warned of the dangers of coming into contact with raw sewage.
He said: ‘We face a public health emergency because sewage treatment plants are underwater and no longer working.

‘Flood water is toxic and polluted. If you don’t have to be in it, keep out.’

‘We’re worried about people even getting near the water.’

He spoke as relentless rain caused catastrophic flooding from Maryland to New England, killing at least five people and forcing the evacuation of more than 130,000 in three states.

Remnants of Tropical Storm Lee swamped homes and dropped up to a foot of rain outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which declared a state of emergency.

The National Weather Service issued large number of flood warnings for parts of Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

Flood watches were also in effect in other areas from Massachusetts to Washington, D.C.

In Pennsylvania, the rising waters of the Susquehanna River forced the evacuation of 65,000 people from Wilkes-Barre and another 35,000 from surrounding counties, said Stephen Urban, commissioner of Luzerne County.

Eight feet of water covered normally picturesque river towns like Tunkhannock and Shickshinny, and residents who disregarded the evacuation rode out the flood in their bedrooms and attics. Others flocked to refuge centers.

The typically meandering river was turned into a roiling toxic mess after washing out 10 sewage processing plants, Mr Corbett said.

The Susquehanna crested at Wilkes-Barre at 38.83 feet at 9.35pm ET Thursday, about two feet lower than forecast and just below the levees, according to the Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center in State College.

At least five people were killed in Pennsylvania and Virginia in flood-related incidents.
In Hershey, Pennsylvania, a homeowner trying to bail water out of his flooded basement died with a wall collapsed.

In Lancaster County, a 62-year-old woman in her car was caught in flood waters, and a man was swept away as he tried to walk through rushing water up to 18 inches deep, authorities said.

In Virginia’s Fairfax County, flash floods swept away two people, a 12-year-old boy in his family’s backyard and a man in his sixties who was outside his car, said Lucy Caldwell, spokeswoman for Fairfax County Police.

‘The water rose so quickly and so abruptly. It was terrifying,’ Caldwell said.

At Hersheypark’s ZooAmerica in Pennsylvania, two bison were shot to spare them from drowning in rapidly rising floodwaters.

Officials at the zoo defended the decision as the most humane choice.

The one-ton animals were trapped in their pen as the waters surged and zookeepers could not evacuate them.

‘Unfortunately, no one could anticipate a weather event that went from inches of rain to feet of flooding in a matter of a few short minutes,’ the zoo said in its statement.

‘Faced with the prospect of watching the extended suffering of the bison and their eventual death due to drowning, the zoo staff chose the most humane path possible and euthanized the bison.’

Rivers and creeks still swollen by Hurricane Irene two weeks ago threatened cities and towns throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, and were poised to smash records.

‘It’s like Irene without the wind,’ meteorologist Elliot Abrams on said of torrential rains predicted to continue through Thursday night.

To the north, a dozen Vermont towns flooded by Hurricane Irene were still on boil-water orders 12 days later, though officials reported no waterborne illness.

Similar precautions have been taken throughout other storm-damaged states. – DailyMail

As reported by this ministry 5/10/11: The coming epidemics from tainted water will begin to spread shortly. Hospitals will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that are infected. Boiling water is still the best defense against water born diseases, and should also be boiled to bathe with. People living in flooded areas should follow this precaution.

The animal kingdom will also suffer from the effects. Those with pets in the infected areas should boil their drinking water also. Pets that are permitted free range will become infected. Livestock will also be at risk from the new strains of bacteria that are in the toxic brew if permitted to drink the tainted water.


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