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Canadian Government About To Introduce “Geo-Engineering” as “Solution To Global Warming”

May 23, 2011

The Canadian Government is about to introduce Geo-Engineering proposals such as “Altering the Earths atmosphere using aerosols” as “Solution to Global Warming” even though this operation has been in full scale deployment world wide for the past ten years with persistent denial by officials in both the American and Canadian governments. This information comes from someone who attended a conservative victory party on the night of the recent election and overheard environmental scientists discussing their glee at finally having a majority government in Canada in order to (officially) implement these proposals.


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  1. jim donnelly
    May 24, 2011 at 8:45 PM | #1

    OH CANADA:::: What else is new for the Canadian Gov’t. Leave it up to the system to complicate matters worse and have the gall to tax the Canadian people for it. No one is going to save this planet. No one:::Man is on a collision course in case the gov’ts of the world haven’t noticed. More floods, storms, earthquakes, record cold and hot weather…Wake up North America, there is only one solution::::: BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED..! ! ! And thats the bottom line, cause the WORD SAYS SO…..

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